Radiant Plumbing Gives the Gift of Clean Water With 5th Charity: Water Donation

At Radiant Plumbing & Air Conditioning, we’re helping an area in need of clean water with a donation to charity: water, a non-profit organization aimed at bringing safe, clean drinking water to communities in developing countries. This is our fifth donation to charity: water since we started supporting the work in 2018.

“Water is a powerful resource to rehabilitate communities in need,” said Brad Casebier, president and founder of Radiant Plumbing & Air Conditioning. “We recognize how fortunate we are to have access to clean water and how it shapes our way of life. By providing water to areas in need, we are helping them build a foundation for health, better education, food security, gender equality and economic development.”

An Ongoing Commitment to a Worthy Cause

We’ve made a commitment to make one donation to charity: water for every $5 million in revenue. When the team reaches a $5 million goal, we host an internal drawing, and the winning department selects an area around the globe to benefit from the donation.

“We choose to support charity: water because their mission is simple and highly impactful,” Casebier said. “We don’t see a cap on our efforts to support charity: water since the need is so great. They utilize local contractors, so the money we are investing all goes into the region and provides financial stimulation to the community.”

Casebier added that more is needed in developing countries than access to clean water.

“While we’re proud to help provide clean water to areas in need, there’s also a real issue with healthy sanitation facilities,” Casebier said. “Clean and accessible water is something that will be solved in our lifetime, but sanitary restrooms are just as important as the clean water. These communities are using bushes as restrooms, and girls stop attending school around age 12 because they don’t have access to sanitary facilities, and that is unacceptable. Our plan is to continue our work with charity: water to help provide facilities and reduce the risk of the health threats we take for granted here that they face every day.”