Water Jetting: The Drain Cleaning Sport of the Drain Technician

Water jetting is a gamechanger in the plumbing world. Recurring drain blockages are frustrating to deal with. Just when you think you’ve unclogged your pipes for the last time, the blockage is back for another round. If this is the case in your home, your plumbing system is suffering from a stubborn clog that only a professional plumber with a high-tech water jet can repair. The longer you let this obstruction in your pipes fester, the more difficult it will become to remove it. We recommend that you contact the Radiant team when you need a plumber for an emergency in Austin or surrounding areas such as Round Rock, TX

What is Water Jetting?

Water jetting, also known as hydro jetting, is a professional plumbing technique used to eliminate the most serious of clogs. A hydro jet power washer is made up of two parts: the pressurizing machine and the hose. This machine can pressurize the water up to 5,000 pounds per square inch (PSI), while the hose is made up of sturdy materials that can withstand the pressure and deliver the water. 

Before beginning the water jetting process, a service plumber will determine the source of the clog through a video camera inspection. This will provide a live view of the blockage and pinpoint its exact location for easy access. After assessing the situation,  the technician will choose the correct jetting pressure to remove the debris, but not damage the surrounding pipes. Finally, the water jetting hose is inserted into the pipe and the pressurizing machine is turned on. Once the process is over, they will double-check their work by performing another video camera inspection. 

hydro jetting

How Does Water Jetting Compare to Other Techniques?

Water jetting is the most effective plumbing technique for unclogging stubborn blockages. Other tools, like plungers and plumbing snakes, are limited in how well they can remove clogs. 

Plunger: Plungers are great for removing small blockages if you can create enough pressure to dislodge the blockage. If you can’t create a seal, then a plunger is useless. 

Plumbing Snake: This tool, otherwise known as a plumbing auger, is a long metal tube that breaks up the clog and wraps it around the coil. When the plumbing snake is retracted, the blockage can be removed from the tool. This is great for small clogs, but only a temporary fix for their stubborn counterparts. Click here to learn how to use one!

Water Jet: The pressurized water provided by the water jet moves with extreme speed and force to destroy any blockage in its way. 

Is Water Jetting Safe to Use on My Pipes?

An experienced plumber will factor both the condition and age of the pipes to determine whether water jetting is the right technique. This process is perfectly safe for modern drains that are well-maintained. However, old plumbing systems or extremely damaged pipes could suffer further deterioration from water jetting. This is why we don’t recommend that homeowners perform their own drain cleaning with a high-pressure hydro jet. 

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