Plumbing Repairs You Can Do. #3 Slow Tub Drain.

#3 Slow Tub Drain.

This is normally a super easy one. We get this call from time to time as well. Most tubs installed in the last 15 years or so should have a lift and turn type drain. If you have this type, the secret is to twist the textured knob counter clockwise while the drain plug is in the down (closed) position. If it has been in there a few years, it might require some coaxing with your channel locks (a.k.a. pliers). You should see some nasty hair buildup under the stopper. Clear it out, and you should be as good as new.

If you have the lift rod type, you should be able to simply grab the stopper, and pull it straight out. These can be a little tricky to reinstall, but if you hold your mouth just right I am sure you can do it.

If that doesn’t fix your drain, you may need a licensed professional to diagnose the real issue. Don’t deal with the hassle of a slow drain, give us a call or contact us online


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