Toto Neorest 550


We had an opportunity to install the smoking hot Toto Neorest 550. This one is the straight off the presses from the great minds at Toto. They continue to improve upon the original Neorest platform, and this latest model has a whole raft of new features. The first new thing you see is the nightlight that resides behind the seat. It kicks on, and the seat flips up as soon as you step near the toilet. Another big feature is the dual flush capability. Why not save water if you can? A cool thing about the Neorest series is the three available models are stand alone designs.  Not just the same toilet with an extra button here or there. Another thing that is totally fun is the Toto Sound Experience, or Neorest Sound Module. It comes with 18 or so pre loaded songs., and sound effects. It sounds great! The 2 tiny  (2” or so) speakers provided a pretty impressive level of sound quality. Just so you know the Sound Experience is an upgrade (500.00ish) this is not clear at all on the Toto web site. I found out the hard way… I have talked with some Toto people, and hopefully they will get this cleared up so people aren’t confused. Like the other Neorest toilets, it has the front, and back bidet feature that is fully adjustable, for temperature, and pressure. The heated seat, and blow dryer are also capable to be adjusted for your personal preference.


You can scoff this toilet if you want, but I have yet to find a single person that has had an opportunity to check it out that wasn’t totally impressed, and had to admit that they would love to have one. We are very excited about this awesome toilet, and if you are ready for the best, give us a call! Brad Casebier Radiant Plumbing Service Austin, Texas

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