How Can You Improve Efficiency of Water Heaters in Austin?

When it comes to water heaters in Austin, efficiency is a huge deal. It seems like every appliance on the market is advertising itself as the more efficient, more eco-friendly, and more environmental solution. Energy efficiency is one of the foremost priorities of manufacturers, and most states have regulations in place to set minimum efficiency standards for residential and commercial products.

If you want to do your upgrade right, call up Radiant Plumbing so savings from your energy bills will eventually cover the cost of your water heater installation. The time it takes to get your money back will vary on the model you choose, the area you live in, and the amount of hot water you need. Fortunately, you can ask one of our plumbers about your water heater’s payback period. Finding the right balance between the cost of the installation and the savings per month is the secret to smart water heater buying!

Efficiency Tips for Water Heaters in Austin

Maximizing efficiency doesn’t stop at your bill’s bottom line. There are a number of best practices for conserving energy and reducing monthly bills. Here are just a few easy tips to improving efficiency on your water heater:

  • Invest in Water Heater Insulation –A hot water heater “blanket” can save you money by holding heat energy inside your storage tank where it belongs – you can find one at just about any hardware store.
  • Reduce the Temperature Settings During Vacations – When you’re going on a trip, find the thermostat on your water heater and turn it down. Your water heater should be between 120 and 180 degrees during regular operation, but there’s no need to keep burning gas if you aren’t going to use the water.
  • Consider On-Demand Water Heating – Looking for a water heater replacement? Why not look into tankless water heating? Tankless units heat water on-demand rather than in storage, giving you a perpetual stream of hot water without ever paying for heat you don’t use.
  • Reduce Time Spent in the Shower: Yes, that nice, warm shower may be comforting, but don’t take up too much time. Long showers can waste gallons of water that could be otherwise used for other fixtures, sending those water bills skyrocketing to unbearable levels. Keep shower time to 5 to 10 minutes to cut down on costs.

Make an investment in comfort that will pay for itself.

Call Radiant Plumbing to get a consultation on water heater installation!

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