Air Conditioner Maintenance in Austin, TX

Annual maintenance a good idea to keep unit working reliably

We were contacted by a man who wanted us to perform some routine maintenance on his air conditioner. The unit was working properly, but it was an older model.

Just like you routinely tune up your car, air conditioner’s need the same kind of treatment. If you want to extend the life of your unit, especially if it’s an older model, while also keep it working reliably all summer long, having annual maintenance performed is a smart idea.

At Radiant, one of our technicians can come out to perform a comprehensive check of every component of your system. We will check the compressor, make sure the lines are clear, check the evaporator coils, look at the air filter, and perform many other services. We will provide you with peace of mind knowing your air conditioner has an excellent chance of making it yet another summer.

Don’t wait until something happens to your air conditioner. Call Radiant Plumbing today so we can make sure you and your family stay cool this summer.