4 Common Causes of Pipe Leaks in Austin, TX

If you have ever experienced pipe leaks in Austin, TX in your home, your first instinct would be to find the quickest solution available. The tiniest of leaks can rapidly grow into something much worse, and holding your pipes together with duct tape isn’t the most effective solution. It’s important to analyze what exactly caused the pipe to leak in the first place. Fixing pipe leaks is an urgent matter, however it’s helpful to take a moment to ask “How?” and “Why?”

Radiant Plumbing & Air Conditioning is here to help you answer those questions with our state of the art leak detection services. Our leak detection methods are designed to clearly identify the cause of a pipe leak so we can quickly confirm the location of the leak and repair promptly to minimize damage. Our main goal isn’t just to provide you with better plumbing, but also make sure you have peace of mind that we have determined the cause of the leaks and isolated the issue.

What is Causing Your Pipes to Leak?

At Radiant Plumbing & Air Conditioning we pride ourselves on our leak detection ‘game’. With many years of experience in leak detection and the best equipment, we have helped solve many leak issues for Austin residents. We’ve encountered countless reasons for pipe leaks, but here are 4 we would say are some of the most common:

  1. Pipe Rusting/Deterioration: It is natural for pipes to begin rusting after years of use. However, this can only give way to deterioration, which means the possibility of leaks becomes more and more likely. If you live in an older home, you may have piping that has seen better years and it could be the reason you are starting to experience leaks.
  2. Unregulated Water Pressure: Pipes are usually built to withstand a wide range of water pressure but the combination of high water pressure and deteriorating pipes can easily lead to leaks. Older pipes are especially at risk for leaking when your water pressure increase beyond a certain point.
  3. Clogs: Clogs in your toilet, sink, and shower can lead to more than just everyday inconvenience. Excessive clogging in your pipes can eventually cause them to leak, resulting in even more damage to your plumbing system. Professional drain cleaning and leak detection service can mean all difference in terms of how much money you will save.
  4. External Leaks: It’s not just the pipes inside your home prone to leaks. If you have plumbing or sewer pipes coming out of your home, they are also at risk for leaks, especially if they begin to deteriorate. Deterioration can lead to small leaks of vapor, resulting in tree roots being more likely to grow toward them and enter the pipes.

If you begin to hear the sound of water running or start to sense dampness in your home, this is the time to call on the leak detection experts at Radiant Plumbing & Air Conditioning to take care of pipe leaks in Austin, TX.

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