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Drain Cleaning & Repair in San Antonio

Delivering exceptional San Antonio drain cleaning since 1999, our experts keep your drains efficient and prevent plumbing issues.


Reliable Plumbers in San Antonio

Radiant® Plumbing and Air Conditioning, your reliable choice for San Antonio drain cleaning services from Alamo Heights to Universal City. We prioritize trustworthiness, reliability, and expertise to ensure smooth services for our customers on every visit. From stubborn clog removal to efficient repairs and preventative maintenance, count on us for cost-effective solutions. Your dependable drain cleaning partner.

Water Going Down the Drain


Greater San Antonio & Beyond

We proudly service the following cities and neighborhoods across San Antonio, TX:

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Repair, Maintain, Install, & More.

Drain Cleaning

Say goodbye to stubborn clogs with our professional drain cleaning service. Experience free-flowing drains again.

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Drain Clog

We tackle even the toughest drain clogs, restoring smooth drainage and preventing future issues.

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Sewer Camera Inspections

Our advanced sewer camera inspections provide clear insights into your sewer system's condition. Discover and address problems proactively.

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Excavation Service

When excavation is needed, count on our eco-friendly and minimally disruptive approach for safe pipe replacements.

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Sewer Line Repair

Trust us for efficient sewer line repairs, ensuring your sewer system functions flawlessly.

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Sewer Line Replacement

When a replacement is necessary, we guarantee a seamless transition with minimal disruption to your property.

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Make plumbing dreams a reality with flexible financing, providing convenient and affordable solutions for your home comfort.

The Radiant Difference

Expertise and Integrity at Work: Home Repairs by Radiant

At Radiant, we set new benchmarks in home care excellence. From your first call to our final follow-up, our expert technicians are committed to ensuring your complete satisfaction and earning your trust with every step.

Decades of Excellent Service

Since 1999, homeowners in Central Texas have relied on Radiant for top-tier plumbing and HVAC solutions. Our longstanding presence in Austin and San Antonio underpins our deep commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Dependable, Flexible Scheduling

Your time is valuable. That's why we offer flexible scheduling options to fit your life, not the other way around. Whether it’s an emergency or routine maintenance, our 24/7 availability ensures that we are always there when you need us.

Transparent Pricing

At Radiant, we believe in solving your problems without pushing unnecessary services. Our transparent pricing and honest service approach are why thousands of customers have trusted us for over two decades, celebrating our integrity in countless reviews.

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Comprehensive All-in-One Home Services

San Antonio residents have trusted Radiant Plumbing, Heating, and Air as their full-home service provider for all their maintenance and repair needs. From air conditioning and plumbing.


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Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re a homeowner in San Antonio, keep an eye out for common indicators that your plumbing system may require drain cleaning. These signs include slow drainage, unusual noises, unpleasant odors, water backing up, recurring clogs, or multiple clogged drains. These issues often point to clogs, debris buildup, or even intrusion by tree roots. For peace of mind and the smooth operation of your plumbing, reach out to Radiant Plumbing and Air. Our experienced team understands the unique needs of San Antonio homes. We’ll inspect your drains, address any blockages, and ensure your plumbing functions optimally. Don’t delay—contact us today for a thorough inspection and timely resolution of your drain concerns.

Drains in San Antonio can become clogged due to a multitude of factors, including invasive tree roots, pipe collapses, and other issues. However, pinpointing the exact cause often necessitates a comprehensive inspection. Instead of worrying about your home’s drainage, reach out to Radiant Plumbing and Air. Our dedicated team is ready to evaluate the state of your drains and efficiently address any clogs or plumbing-related concerns. Count on our expertise to bring you peace of mind when it comes to the health of your plumbing system. Don’t hesitate—get in touch with us today for a thorough assessment and effective resolution of any drain-related issues.

It is generally recommended to have your drains inspected at least once a year to catch potential issues early and prevent more significant problems. The frequency may vary based on factors like the age of your plumbing system and any previous issues. Regular inspections help identify clogs, blockages, or debris buildup, ensuring the efficient functioning of your drainage system. If you notice any signs of problems, such as slow drainage or unusual gurgling sounds, it’s crucial to schedule an inspection promptly. Join our Radiant Care Club, where we take care of your drain maintenance program effortlessly. No more worrying about what you can’t see. Our maintenance program includes inspecting and notifying you of any issues within your home’s drains, ensuring worry-free drainage. Contact us today to learn more and enjoy peace of mind with your drains.

San Antonio homeowners can certainly attempt some DIY methods to address smelly drains, such as using the vinegar and baking soda technique or regularly pouring boiling water down the drains. However, if these approaches prove ineffective in resolving the issue, it’s advisable to seek the expertise of a professional plumbing team. Persistent smelly drains may indicate underlying problems, including mold or more significant issues within your plumbing system. To regain your peace of mind and address the root cause of the problem effectively, it’s best to reach out to Radiant Plumbing and Air. Our experienced team can inspect your drains and efficiently resolve your smelly drain concerns, ensuring a fresh and worry-free plumbing experience for your San Antonio home. Don’t hesitate to contact us for expert assistance.

Absolutely! Radiant Plumbing and Air serves as your comprehensive home service provider, addressing a wide range of plumbing needs, including sewer and drain concerns. In older homes throughout San Antonio, tree roots often present a common challenge for sewer lines. Our advanced technology enables us to conduct thorough sewer pipe inspections and swiftly identify the root cause of the problem. Once identified, we employ efficient methods to remove tree root blockages, perform essential pipe repairs, or even replace entire lines, depending on the severity of the issue. Don’t allow slow drains to disrupt your San Antonio home’s plumbing. Contact us today for a thorough inspection, precise diagnosis, and effective solutions to get your plumbing back on track.

Radiant Plumbing and Air proudly presents our new Radiant Care Club maintenance plan, tailored to provide year-round peace of mind for San Antonio homeowners. This comprehensive plan features inspections conveniently scheduled at your preference, encompassing all the operating systems within your home, including drains and sewers. Our skilled technicians diligently examine your plumbing for any signs of leaks, cracks, or blockages, ensuring early detection of potential issues. Proactive addressing of minor drain and sewer problems proves to be far more cost-effective than waiting for unplanned emergencies. Don’t wait until it’s too late; join the Radiant Care Club today to relish worry-free plumbing and prevent unexpected headaches in your San Antonio home.

Absolutely! With over two decades of dedicated service to San Antonio homeowners, we’ve accumulated a wealth of thousands of reviews showcasing our expertise. You can peruse some of our favorite testimonials from various online platforms or visit our profiles on Google and Facebook to explore even more. And if you’ve recently had a five-star experience with one of our skilled technicians, why not take a moment to share your thoughts and appreciation online? Leaving a shout-out is a fantastic way to express your satisfaction with our trusted plumbing services and help others in San Antonio discover the quality we provide.

When it comes to drain and sewer cleaning costs in San Antonio, prices can vary, typically getting up to $600 or more. The final price depends on the complexity of the issue and its location within your plumbing system. Routine drain cleaning or minor blockages usually fall on the lower end of this cost spectrum, while more challenging clogs or sewer line blockages may incur higher expenses. To receive an accurate estimate tailored to your specific needs, we recommend reaching out to our experienced plumbing professionals at Radiant Plumbing and Air. As your trusted experts in San Antonio, we are ready to inspect your plumbing, provide precise estimates, and deliver thorough and efficient drain and sewer cleaning services. Count on us for peace of mind and reliable solutions to keep your plumbing system running smoothly.

Jeremy Tucker
Jeremy Tucker

Great response time, communication and willingness to do what it takes. Saved my week!

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Masen Lindner
Masen Lindner

Very helpful and accommodating, priced out multiple options and are more than willing to work with you.

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James Griffin
James Griffin

Technician was friendly and accomplished everything we needed

The unit is running fine and the price was reasonable

Didn’t try to sell me a lot of stuff I didn’t want or need

Great job!

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Carol Costello
Carol Costello

Switch to Radiant from another Local Company. Kevin is great and help me with a couple of items only partially related to my air conditioner. I highly recommend.

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Christopher Martinez
Christopher Martinez

Jordan Valles was absolutely amazing, as a new homeowner experiencing my first plumbing issue, he walked us through the issue thoroughly, recommend and helped solve the issue quickly. Great experience over all, great communication before …

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We’ve been in business since 1984, so we have made thousands of San Antonio homeowners happy. Explore some of our latest reviews.

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Radiant has earned the trust of the community, being recognized with the following awards and certifications.

Drains & Sewer Services

Keep Your Home Flowing Smoothly with Radiant Plumbing & Air Conditioning

Radiant Plumbing & Air Conditioning – San Antonio has been a cornerstone in San Antonio for over 20 years, providing top-notch drains and sewer services to homeowners in the area. Our extensive experience, commitment to excellence, and 24/7 emergency services make us the go-to choice for all your plumbing needs. From routine maintenance to emergency repairs, we have the expertise and dedication to ensure your home’s plumbing systems are running smoothly.

Comprehensive Drains & Sewer Services

At Radiant, we understand the critical role that efficient drains and sewer systems play in maintaining a healthy and functional home. Our comprehensive services are designed to address any issue promptly and effectively, ensuring your peace of mind.
Drain Cleaning
A clogged drain can be a significant inconvenience, leading to slow drainage, unpleasant odors, and even potential health hazards. Our expert technicians use state-of-the-art equipment to thoroughly clean your drains, removing any blockages and ensuring smooth water flow. Regular drain cleaning not only resolves current issues but also prevents future problems, maintaining the integrity of your plumbing system.
Drain Clog Removal
When you’re dealing with a stubborn clog, it’s essential to act quickly to prevent further damage. Our team at Radiant is equipped with the latest tools and techniques to tackle even the most challenging drain clogs. Whether it’s a simple kitchen sink blockage or a more complex issue deep within your plumbing system, we have the skills to get things flowing smoothly again.
Sewer Camera Inspection
Identifying the root cause of sewer problems can be challenging without the right tools. Our sewer camera inspection service allows us to visually inspect your sewer lines using advanced camera technology. This non-invasive method provides a clear view of your sewer system’s condition, identifying issues such as blockages, cracks, or tree root intrusions. By accurately diagnosing the problem, we can recommend the most effective solution, saving you time and money.
Sewer Line Repair
A damaged sewer line can lead to serious issues, including sewage backups and property damage. At Radiant, we offer comprehensive sewer line repair services to address these problems promptly. Our experienced technicians use the latest techniques to repair your sewer line efficiently, restoring proper function and preventing further complications. We are committed to providing durable and long-lasting solutions.
Sewer Line Replacement
When repairs aren’t enough, a full sewer line replacement may be necessary. Our team will evaluate the condition of your sewer line and recommend replacement if it’s the most viable option. We use high-quality materials and the latest installation methods to ensure your new sewer line meets all industry standards. With Radiant, you can trust that your home’s sewer system is in capable hands.
Excavation Service
Sometimes, sewer line issues require more extensive intervention. Our sewer excavation service is designed to address severe problems that can’t be fixed with simpler methods. We handle the entire process with care and precision, minimizing disruption to your property while ensuring a thorough and effective repair. Trust Radiant to manage these complex projects with the highest level of professionalism and expertise.
Trenchless Sewer Line Repair
Traditional sewer line repairs often require extensive digging, which can be disruptive and costly. Our trenchless sewer line repair offers a less invasive alternative, using advanced technology to repair your sewer line with minimal excavation. This innovative approach not only reduces the impact on your property but also provides a quicker and more cost-effective solution.

Why Choose Radiant Plumbing & Air Conditioning?

Radiant Plumbing & Air Conditioning – San Antonio is dedicated to providing exceptional drains and sewer services in San Antonio. Here’s why homeowners trust us:
  • Experience: With over two decades in the industry, we have the knowledge and expertise to handle any plumbing challenge.
  • 24/7 Emergency Services: Plumbing emergencies don’t wait for business hours, and neither do we. Our team is available around the clock to address urgent issues.
  • Radiant Care Club: Our maintenance plan includes regular plumbing inspections, ensuring your systems are always in top condition.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: We prioritize your satisfaction and work diligently to provide the highest quality service.

Contact Radiant Today

For reliable and professional drains and sewer services in San Antonio, look no further than Radiant. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or learn more about our services. Let us help you keep your home’s plumbing system running smoothly and efficiently.

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