Eventually, your drains will clog. It’s one of those immutable facts of life. As a plumbing system ages, and you use it every day, someday there will be a clog in the system that prevents sinks from emptying or affects your water pressure. When that day comes, you’re going to need to know what sort of clog you’re dealing with. That’s why a camera inspection from Radiant Plumbing should be one of the first things in your game plan to tackle your clogged drains.

It’s not enough to know that your drain is clogged. You need to also know where the clog is, and occasionally what type of material the clog consists of. That way, you can better determine how to go about flushing the system.  Not to mention, a solid camera inspection will uncover any cracks or separations in your plumbing that could cause additional issues.

Signs You Need a Camera Inspection

  • Sink doesn’t drain properly
  • Inconsistent water pressure
  • Leaks under the foundation
  • Toilet doesn’t flush completely