Sewer Line Water Jetting in Austin, TX

Clogged Sewer Line? A Water Jetting May Help

One of the most irritating types of plumbing clogs is an obstructed sewer line. It can not only clog up your toilet, it can also cause backups in your sink and bathtub as well. If the clog is located far down a line it can be even more frustrating.

A plumbing snake can be a very effective tool for many clogs, but in many instances it is not so good for obstructions that are located deep in plumbing. The reason is that, in many instances, the clog is caused by a toilet paper. A snake may be able to open up a partial pathway for water, but eventually that clog will probably re-form. If the obstruction is due to tree roots, a snake will usually not be able to get the job done.

For extremely troublesome clogs, the most effective tool is usually a water jetting tool. A plumber sends a high-pressure stream of water down a line at up to 3,500 psi. This scours pipes, obliterating clogs and restoring your plumbing to as near its original state as possible.  The three major benefits of hydrojet high pressure drain cleaning are:

Long Lasting Results

Some drain cleaning methods simply open a hole through your blockage to restore the flow of water. This might work for a short while, but over time, the clog will just get bigger and will block your drain all over again. Hydrojet high-pressure drain cleaning completely clears out your pipe, leaving no residue and no chance of your blockage coming back. It will be like installing brand new pipes. The clog will be a thing of the past.

Saves Time and Money

Because the pipes are thoroughly cleaned to their original state, the time between necessary cleanings is typically several times longer than with other drain cleaning methods. The longer you can go between cleanings, the fewer visits from your plumber and more money in your wallet to spend on other things. This also means that more of your free time can be spent doing things you enjoy, not stressing about your sinks and showers.

Environmentally Friendly

Drain clearing chemicals might clear a portion of the clog but they also use harsh chemicals. Hydrojet high-pressure drain cleaning uses plain tap water. This is better for your pipes because it reduces the risk of corrosion, and it’s better for the environment because there are no chemical residues to seep into ground water, harming animals and plants. The high-pressured water destroys the clog and takes the particles with it down the sewer line.

Tired of the drain clearing game? Want the job done right? Call Radiant Plumbing today and ask about the benefits of hydrojet high-pressure drain cleaning. We’ll worry about your plumbing; you can just enjoy life.

If you have a troublesome sewer line clog that requires the use of a water jet to clear permanently, call Radiant at (512) 772-5082.

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