Merry Christmas!

Thank you for checking out our blog, and your interest in our business! We are grateful for so many things: an opportunity to live and operate in a city as cool (and weird) as Austin, all the awesome people that work for us, great service customers, and the absolute best builders around. We are just like the rest of the nation I am sure, looking to the next year with more than a little concern for state of our economy. I am naturally an optimist, but I will never doubt the American spirit. We will persevere. The American spirit is the one that stomped its foot down for personal freedom. First, freedom for the original settlers, then all races, as well as the freedoms of the world at large. I think what our founding fathers died for gets lost in our greed and selfishness. It is times like these that we have a moment to get off the treadmill, and assess just exactly where it is we are going personally and as a nation. Well, I could stand on my soapbox all day. So I will leave you with many thanks. My prayer is that God will bless you, and your families, and show you the way.  This is a painting from local artist, Amber D Beaman, that Sarah and I found. We couldn’t help but get a great Christmas feeling looking at it. Check out her other work.  Radiant Plumbing Service Your Austin Plumber

Austin, Texas

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