HVAC in Austin: Five Cooling Tips For Summer

If you’re an outdoorsy person living in Austin, you’re probably very familiar with all the fun activities you and your family can enjoy during the summer. This may include bike riding at the Veloway, or catching an evening show at the Ailker Hillside Theater. For a while, the heat may be a desirable environment to enjoy, but after a while, chances are, there will come a time when you and your family want to retreat to a cool, air-conditioned home.

So in order to keep your cooling system working properly, our HVAC specialists at Radiant offer Austin homeowners, and business owners, their services and expert advice. Our HVAC professionals in Austin are all too familiar with the heat you’ll experience during the summer so they’re motivated to keep you and your family cool.

Here are 5 helpful cooling maintenance tips to sustain an energy-efficient, HVAC system:

  1. Professional tune-ups. Leverage the knowledge of our HVAC experts to check your AC unit for any possible problems. We’re trained to perform professional maintenance processes on the air filters, blowers, motors, safety controls, burners, pressure switches and ductwork of your cooling system.
  2. Clean or Replace Air Filters. This is an easy step you can do yourself every month. We recommend using electrostatic filters. Always consult the owner’s manual for proper cleaning procedures as well.
  3. Take Care of Your Outdoor Condenser Unit. Before the summer begins, clear out any obstructions, like leaves or debris, that have built up. Clear out any vegetation growing around the unit too. Clean the fan blades and coils with a gentle brush. It also helps to keep the condenser shaded from the sun if possible, and protected with a cover during the winter.
  4. Take Care of the Evaporator Coil. If this coil is dirty, it will negatively affect its cooling ability. Remove the front panel and delicately clean the dry coil with a soft brush, and straighten the coil with a fin comb along the way.
  5. Check the Energy-Efficient Rating. All brand new cooling units will have this rating. Although a bit more expensive, the ones with high efficiency ratings will eventually save you precious money and energy in the long run.

Contact our cooling professionals at Radiant for any and all HVAC service in Austin, or to further discuss these cooling tips!