Finding A Creative Way to Beat the Heat: Wakeboarding Toilet!

A few weeks ago, while the team here at Radiant Plumbing was out on the boat enjoying a hot summer day, we had an idea that could help us beat the heat and change the way that people think about toilets forever.

Toilets are a basic thing. We take them and their function for granted, and a lot of people don’t often find themselves thinking about new uses for them. There are people who think about adding functions like a bidet or a toilet that greets you as you walk into the restroom, but that’s not who we are.

We are people who think about the functionality of the toilet outside of the bathroom. We think about the fun you can have while you’re sitting on the pot, and we want our customers to know that they don’t have to only use the toilet in their bathroom. We want toilets to be accepted everywhere.

As an attempt to encourage toilet use outside of the bathroom, we found ourselves brainstorming on the boat about what we could do to show off the porcelain throne’s functionality. What better way to display its usefulness than on Lake Austin — particularly as a seat on a wakeboard.

We’ve been preparing for the past few weeks and going through extensive testing to make sure that we can pull off this feat.

Countless brainstorming sessions have occurred, and after many rounds of testing, we’ve discovered a way that we can make a toilet float effectively. Here’s the video of us testing the toilet out:

We’ve recruited Captain Blake Hunter from Lake Life, as well as surfing pro, Terrence Bubba Gainan, to help us attempt this stunt. Learn more about Terrence by visiting his Facebook or Instagram page!

Even with our diligent research and preparation, we’re not exactly sure what to expect on this adventure. We are excited to see how it turns out for ourselves and our eager viewers nonetheless!

Be sure to tune in on July 29th to witness this epic performance, which has never before been attempted (to our knowledge)! We’ll be at Emma Long Park at early Sunday preparing for this event, which will kickoff at 2:00.

For anyone interested in attending or for details about the event, call Radiant Plumbing at 512-263-9988. Ask for Brad Crasebier, and mention the wakeboarding toilet. You can also email us at [email protected] with the subject line “Wakeboarding Toilet.”