Contest Winners!

Well, we looked at quite a few old nasty water heaters. I thought we might get up to 30 years or so, but 47!? That is one old water heater. It was a gas heater by Rheem. The owner Mr. Pool said he never ran out of hot water and doesn’t remember ever having it worked on. He did mention that he did flush it (are you flushing yours?). So many heaters fail that are only 6-8 years old, this is just incredible. So Congratulations! You get a Rinnai water heater free!


Our oldest electric water heater turned out to be 30 years old. Very old indeed. Harriet will be receiving a free instillation on a High Efficient State water heater. She gets to look forward to lower electric bills, and peace of mind that a 30-year-old monster isn’t going to flood her house.

And After…


We want to thank everyone that participated. We sure had fun looking at what was out there, and meeting some really cool people. Also, thanks to Rinnai for donating the incredible RC98HPi I think another 47 years of service shouldn’t be a problem. State Water Heaters for donating the SELECT High-Efficiency electric water heater. We have a little perk for anyone that had us come out and look at your water heater. If you would like to have us put in a replacement water heater, we are offering a free lifetime warranty and service. This offer is good for contestant entrants and last until Oct 1, 2010.

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