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That is a weak attempt at a mole tunnel joke. I just thought I would share some recent tunnel pictures with you, and got to googling around regarding tunnels here in Austin, and all I can find are stories of this Tunneling Neighbor Menace. So, I learn that there has been a little buzz about the East Austin guy that was tunneling under his house. I think everyone just needs to calm down a little. I suspect he had a problem with his drain pipes and was just trying to find them. Obviously, 30′ is about 27′ too deep, but anyone can make a mistake. Right? Personally, I am flat out impressed. This guy has some serious work ethic. It may have been a mix of plumbing issues, and that he is a Lost fan, and wanted a hatch of his own.

‘What did he have in this tunnel?” you may ask. As I understand it there were oxygen-acetylene gas tanks (used for a cutting, or soldering torch), and a few guns (19). The torch lines up with my plumbing-Lost hatch theory, and the guns… Well, rats really like tunnels. We have had a run-in or two with rats, and a shotgun would have been nice to have. Although I am happy that this isn’t my neighbor, I still feel for the guy. I just have a soft spot for ambitious people. Once his legal issues are behind him, I hope he comes in for an interview. That would be very interesting. I realized that we never mentioned it before, but we do tunnel jobs. There are quite a few houses here in Austin that has deteriorated drain pipes that are beyond repair. In those cases, the best thing to do is replace them.

Sometimes the problem is localized in one area. We can either chip down to get to it, or tunnel. The tunnel option keeps all the work outside and eliminates any floor (tile, carpet, wood) replacement. If the problem is more widespread, we can re-pipe the house. This is the ultimate peace of mind choice. It is awesome to know that your plumbing system is brand new, and will greatly add to the value of your house. Once the job is finished, the tunnels are filled in, and you are back to life as usual. If you have a drain problem, I would recommend giving us a call. We can identify the problem with our sewer camera. Make a plan to repair or replace the faulty pipe, and keep you off the news.

News story on tunneling neighbor.

Here is one of our less dynamic tunnels.

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