Austin Leak Repairs

Your home relies on its pipelines 24/7, so what happens when they fall into disrepair?  For Austin homeowners, there is always potential for leaks to develop in your water system. Sewage lines, wellheads, even swimming pools can spring leaks if the pipes are worn out from constant use.  Often, our relationship with our pipes is “out of sight, out of mind” until key indicators or damage springs into the forefront.  The moment you encounter any sign of a leak in your home, it’s essential that it gets addressed so that greater issues don’t arise.

That’s when it’s time to recruit the #1 team of professional leak repair specialists at Radiant!  As a local, family-owned business, our talented team of technicians are ready to assure that leak issues in your home are expertly repaired.

It’s no surprise that any homeowner is subject to experiencing a leak!  That’s why Radiant is proud to be of service to our friends from Kyle, TX, to Georgetown, TX and in between such as Bee Cave, Round Rock, and Pflugerville!

Our Service Area
Austin & Beyond

We proudly service the following cities and neighborhoods in Austin, TX:

Georgetown • Pflugerville • Dripping Springs • Driftwood • Kyle • Manchaca • Cedar Park • Round Rock • Buda • Lakeway • Sunset Valley • Leander • Liberty Hill • Spicewood • Bee Cave

HVAC technicians removing an old furnace

Signs You Have a Leak:

While leaks may not always be immediately detectable, your home will reveal symptoms that will alert you that it’s time to schedule a leak repair service with the Radiant team.


  • The sound of running water when all the faucets are off.
  • Hot spots or cracks on the walls or floors.
  • Unusually high water bills.
  • Mildew or excessive moisture under the carpets.

Areas of green grass that shouldn’t be in your yard.

5 Star Reviews

Our Record Speaks For Itself

A quick online search will reveal that Radiant is miles ahead of the competition when it comes to reviews and customer feedback. There’s a reason for that. Our entire company pulls in one direction to ensure you, the customer, has a 5 star experience. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we’ll do whatever it takes to make your day.

A Radiant technician conducting AC service in San Antonio, TX

How We Do It

Upon arrival, a Radiant technician will:


  • Diagnose the problem correctly.
  • Find the leak through the use of video, infrared, ultrasonic, or smoke detection (for sewers).
  • Determine the appropriate fix.
  • Provide a job-based quote.


You should never let a persistent leak breach the security of your home. That’s why the leak repair team at Radiant places such a high sense of urgency when it comes to identifying and

fixing the issue so that the leak is stopped before it causes even greater damage that will be even more expensive to fix!

A Radiant technician using a blowtorch to provide heating repair in San Antonio, TX

Call Radiant – Your #1 Team for Leak Repairs

Radiant plumbers take pride in being meticulous in their work and openly displaying their enjoyment in doing the job that they do. We are committed to providing a 5-star service experience to every single home we service in Austin, TX, whether it be our leak detection services, drain repairs, or even one of our top-notch HVAC services.


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As Austin’s Best in Plumbing, Radiant is the city’s premier choice. Since 1999, we have blossomed into a beloved family-owned company that thousands continue to rely on for all their plumbing, heating, air conditioning, and drain needs. Radiant proudly serves cities in both Williamson and Travis County, TX such as (but not limited to) Bee Caves, West Lake Hills, Lakeway, Round Rock, Cedar Park, and Georgetown.


If you’re looking for top-of-the-line leak detection services or you’re in need of emergency plumbing repair in Austin, TX or surrounding areas contact us today! Please give us a call at 512-263-9988 or complete our online service request form.