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Tips to Avoid Winter Leak Issues

  • Nov 07, 2017
  • By Matt Seidell

Winter leak issues can happen at any time in the cold season. Freezing pipes can cause flooding, leading to water damage and potential mold contamination. Added traffic during the holiday season can also put stress on your pipes. Whether your faucet is leaky, or a pipe appears to be clogged, further damage can occur if […]

Seven Signs of Slab Leaks

  • Oct 12, 2017
  • By Matt Seidell

Slab leaks happen beneath your house. If left untreated over time, a slab leak can not only create a breeding ground for mold and mildew, it can cause some serious damage to your home’s foundation.  Most leaks are often easy to spot and quick to repair with some professional help. Beyond the pipes that run […]

Why You Should Upgrade to Programmable Thermostats

  • Sep 29, 2017
  • By Matt Seidell

Programmable thermostats are so small and yet so useful. We use them year round as we experience the variety of weather the seasons throw at us. You might have been thinking for a while about when and why to switch from a manual thermostat to a programmable one. Here are a few reasons why you […]

Why AC Tune-Ups are Best at the End of the Season

  • Sep 27, 2017
  • By Matt Seidell

AC tune-ups should be on your list of things to do with summer officially coming to an end. Air conditioners are built to last up to 15-20 years, if well maintained, but over time they can break down and lose their efficiency. It’s easy to forget your air conditioner once the cooler temperatures set in […]

10 Tips From Radiant’s Plumbing Service Professionals

  • Jan 18, 2017
  • By admin

Not sure where your emergency shut off valve is? Do you know what cleaners are safe to clean your drains? How many plungers do you need in your home? Got a backup sump pump? If any of these questions don’t have easy answers, don’t sweat it. These 10 tips from our plumbing service team should […]