How Can You Ensure a Quiet Air Conditioner in Austin, TX?

So you’re enjoying a blast of cool air from your air conditioner when suddenly, you begin to hear absolutely bizarre noises coming from your cooling system. Your first thought may be, “Has my air conditioner become possessed by the ghosts of air conditioners past?” Well, the truth is that it’s not anything rooted in the supernatural (or at least as far as we know). But still, those noises are annoying and you need to make sure you have a quiet air conditioner in Austin, TX to keep you relaxed.

Radiant Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning understands this struggle, and that’s why we’re more than willing to help you keep your air conditioner quiet. We’re available at any point this summer to provide repair, replacement, and maintenance service to keep your air conditioner the way you want it. Once you call us for service, you’re guaranteed a quiet air conditioner in Austin, TX that won’t make a peep.

Tips for Ensuring a Quiet Air Conditioner in Austin, TX

Keeping your air conditioner quiet will only require you to take a few simple actions, including:

• Calling for professional maintenance. If you have yet to receive a tune-up on your air conditioner from a professional, now is the time to do so. A professional will be able to closely examine your air conditioner to determine the root of the noise and make any necessary repairs to ensure quiet yet effective performance.

• Invest in a sound blanket. Sound blankets can reduce noise by covering your air conditioning so it can continue to work at its best without causing any disruption.

• Consider upgrading to an air conditioning system with a variable speed blower. These systems produce cool air without ever making a noise. While many standard air conditioners will work at a high speed and make a lot of noise, variable speed systems are inherently quiet.

• Create a noise-reducing fence around the air conditioner. Anything ranging from an actual wooden fence to shrubbery will prove satisfactory in preventing noises from reaching their maximum level.

Contact Radiant Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning today if you want to learn on how you ensure you have a quiet air conditioner in Austin, TX that keeps things cool without making a noise!

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