Disposals Good for Austin!

Austin Texas making good use of garbage disposal waste.

I like to think of myself as a forward thinking, environmentally conscious individual. I don’t really consider myself “green” because it conjures up images of The Incredible Hulk on a rampage in little purple shorts, but I would like to keep the planet clean and my family healthy. That being said, when I heard about Austin Wastewater recycling our waste, I was inspired to write a few words on the topic. Many water treatment facilities across the nation have been recycling what goes down our pipes and Austin is no exception. The waste we produce creates methane that is used for energy and the byproduct is used as fertilizer. This has apparently been going on for some time but it is the first time I am hearing about it.

It makes perfect sense that our _____ creates methane and serves as a fantastic fertilizer (ever noticed how the grass is always greener over the septic tank?) but what about the scraps that go down your disposal?It turns out that the food put in the trashcan creates harmful greenhouse gasses and takes up unnecessary space in our landfills. The environmentally friendly way to avoid this is to use your garbage disposal for more than just grinding the noodles in the bottom of the sink after you’ve done the dishes. A good garbage disposal can grind up everything from chicken bones to the overcooked pot roast you made that the dog wouldn’t even eat. Give us a call if you’re not sure if your disposal is up to such a challenge and we will line you up with the model that best suits your needs.

Check out InSinkErator for more info!

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