Can AC Make You Smarter?

Here in Central Texas, we rely on air conditioning to make basic, day-to-day life bearable when the weather heats up. Have you ever stepped outside during the summer and said to yourself, “Ew! It’s so hot — I can’t think!” And then went inside and cranked up the AC?

Your A/C system is the best defense you have against high temperatures and humidity. However, you might not have known that air conditioning also protects you and your home in a number of ways. Here are some of the main benefits of having an A/C system in your home.

Radiant HVAC Tech Working on an AC unit

How Summer Temperatures Affect You

Temperature might affect how clearly you think, according to research conducted by Harvard University’s T.H Chan School of Public Health. A study published online in July of 2018 took a look at students in their late teens and early 20s living in dorms, some with air conditioning and some without.

During a heatwave, the students were given a series of cognitive tests, and guess what? The kids living with A/C performed better.

By studying a group of people in the prime of their lives in an academic environment, this research suggests, once again, that it really does pay to cool your living space if you want to live your best life.

Research has been done regarding how temperature affects workers and their cognitive function on the job, and it’s no surprise to learn that accident rates increased in conjunction with increased heat. The body works harder to cool itself than it does to heat it up, using more glucose, or energy, in the process. When you live and work in a comfortable, air-conditioned environment, your body can use that energy for reasoning and decision-making — you know, the important stuff.

Whether or not A/C actually makes you smarter, even the most brilliant scientist can’t say for sure. However, it can absolutely help you sleep. And we all know, a good night’s sleep is important to brain performance and overall health.

Body temperature naturally cools when you’re winding down and preparing to sleep. To facilitate relaxation, it is typically recommended to keep your sleeping environment between 60-67°. A cooler bedroom temperature can help your body produce melatonin, a sleep-promoting hormone.

Infographic that explains the benefits of cool indoor climate from air conditioners

Reduce Risk of Dehydration & Heat Stroke

Without an AC system, the temperature inside your home can begin to rise dangerously. The risk becomes especially high during the hot summer months when dehydration and heatstroke pose hazards to your health. Be sure to confirm that your HVAC system is running smoothly and request an A/C repair service if you’re having issues. You can also opt for a full HVAC upgrade, which includes both A/C and furnace replacement, if your system is ready to meet its maker.

Reduce Asthma Attacks

Your A/C works hard to remove potential allergens from the air you breathe. Some of the most common allergens that your A/C system filters out include mold, mildew, dust mites, pollen, and animal dander. By cleansing the air of these harmful elements, your A/C system lets you breathe more freely, reducing, or altogether, eliminating asthma attacks.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

Not only does your A/C system target individual contaminants in the air, but it also continuously replaces stale air with clean air. This cycle ensures that you’re always breathing in fresh air while at home. As a result of improved air quality, you can enjoy better sleep, fewer home odors, and lower utility bills.

Improves Work Performance

It’s not easy to tackle your workload when you’re physically uncomfortable. If your work area is too hot, you’ll begin to feel sluggish and lethargic. This can make it difficult for you to focus on your work, which may dramatically reduce your productivity as a result. Properly controlling the temperature of your workspace can help you feel more comfortable as you run through your daily tasks.

Remove Bacteria and Pests

Among the many pollutants the A/C filter removes are bacteria and pests. When left undetected, these germs can pose risks such as infection, structural damage, and even disease. However, a properly functioning A/C system removes these unwanted creatures from your living space before they cause any harm. The secret to a clean home is a clean air filter. Take a look: 

Infographic of air filter ratings on the MERV scale

You don’t need megawatt brainpower to know it’s a good idea to get your A/C unit checked before summer. Radiant takes all of the guesswork out of A/C repair services — that’s why we’re the #1 company for plumbing and HVAC repairs in Central Texas.

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