Video: Get a Direct Water Heater Replacement in Austin While You Can!

Brad Casebier, owner of Radiant Plumbing & Heating, was recently on the news! Watch the video below to learn more about the rising efficiency standard for water heaters and how the changes affect your Austin home:

Water heater regulations are changing, and Austinites with older water heaters need to be prepared. As Brad says in the video, anyone with a water heater older than 7 years should try to have it replaced with a similarly sized model before old water heater models are completely out of stock. However, the deadline for manufacturers to produce current and older water heater models is one week away, which means that the opportunity for a direct water heater replacement is running out! If your water heater is located in a tight closet space, a low-ceiling utility room, or through an attic access, you’re going to want to have your water heater replaced as soon as possible in order to avoid an expensive — and potentially destructive — installation process.

In the video, Brad says that the recommended age to replace your water heater is 7 years. This is to ensure that your water heater doesn’t break down this year without a warranty after the water heater model you need is no longer available, forcing you to upgrade. However, the reality is that water heaters of any age can break down if they are installed incorrectly, poorly maintained, or simply under excessive strain. To make sure that your water heater isn’t at the end of its lifespan, regardless of its age, you’ll need to know the warning signs.

The 5 Signs You Need Water Heater Replacement

Look for these seven common warning signs that your water heater is on its last legs. If you notice one or several of these, call the experts at Radiant Plumbing & Heating for a water heater consultation, and replacement — and remember to act quickly! Manufacturers officially stop producing current water heater models as of April 15th.

  1. Leaks– Is there water pooling around your water heaters base? Minor leaks might not dramatically effect performance, but they waste hot water and could escalate into larger problems if the storage tank ever breaks.
  2. Noisiness– Some low humming is to be expected, but banging and clanging is a sign of something being loose inside of the machine.
  3. High Energy Bills– As the efficiency of your water heater declines over time, your utility bills start to go up. If you’ve noticed dramatic changes to your energy bills, it could mean your hot water heater is out of shape.
  4. Bad Odors– Every water heater has what is called an “anode” rod inside of the device. This piece is designed to rust before the rest of the machine. When the anode rod is fully rotted, it produces a mildew smell.
  5. Cold Showers– Does the hot water seems to run out every time you take a shower? This could mean your tank is not filling properly!

The professionals at Radiant Plumbing & Heating offer the most trusted water heater services in Austin. From maintenance to repairs to installations to tankless water heater upgrades, Radiant does it all! When you need water heater replacement in Austin, call in the local experts.

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