5 Water Heater Installation Questions To Ask

Water heater installation will help ensure that not a day goes by this fall without hot water in your home. But you need to be careful; if you don’t know what to consider before making a purchase, you may wind up throwing your money toward the wrong water heater. That mistake can lead to lower energy efficiency and frequent system breakdowns. Worst of all, the wrong water heater can put the well-being of your family at risk, especially when you consider that installing the wrong unit can heighten the risk of water contamination. According to the Red Cross, 200 deaths are reported each year due to carbon monoxide exposure from fuel-burning appliances, especially from improperly installed water heating systems. Landing with the wrong water heater can provide you with plenty of setbacks, and they are all best avoided. But how?

Call Radiant for Professional Water Heater Installation

If you are unsure on how to get the right water heater for your home, the team at Radiant Plumbing is more than willing to help. Our water heater installation service is aimed at satisfying a wide range of needs, no matter if you are looking to replace your old water or in need of a brand new water heater entirely. We offer both conventional and tankless models offering their own unique set of benefits so you are guaranteed a longer-lasting, steadier flow of heat. Even if you think you won’t be able to find the right water heater for you, the team at Radiant will manage to pull through and find the water heater perfect for your home. You should not take any chances with home comfort this fall, and part of that is calling up a reliable water heating company like Radiant for service before the season truly gets underway.

5 Important Questions About Water Heater Installation

Before you go ahead and install the nearest water heater you can find, think before you purchase. We have seen too many homeowners over the years get impatient with the installation process and wind up getting a water heater that makes their life much more difficult. If you want to avoid a similar situation, consider these 5 factors the next time you are looking for a new water heater and water heater contractor:

  1. What Type of Water Heater Do You Need? There are several different types of water heaters available on the market today. These types include conventional, tankless, solar, indirect, and tankless coil. Each type offers different benefits. For example, if you purchase a solar water heater, it will use less fuel to heat up water and provide you with greater energy efficiency that will reduce your carbon footprint. The water heating contractors at Radiant will be able to lead you down the right path in getting you the type of water heater best fit for your home.
  2. What is the Cost of the Water Heater? The cost of your water heater may vary depending on the type. For example, a tankless water heater has a higher installation cost, but will see lower annual operating costs compared to conventional models. Don’t make the mistake of purchasing a water heater simply because it is at a lower price. Cost-efficiency does not automatically translate into quality performance. You may buy a lower-priced water heater that will only result in you paying more on repair and maintenance bills due to frequent breakdowns. A decent water heater allows you to feel the full benefits of maintenance. Opting for a cheaper options could also lead to complications down the road, such as leaks and property damage. But if you do your research and consult a professional, you’ll be able to make the right choice with confidence. 
  3. How Energy Efficient is the System? Your water heater may have an incredible ability in providing you with hot water, but it may not exactly be too kind on your energy bills. You need to pay attention to a water heater’s efficiency rate before you make a purchase. For example: while conventional water heating has an efficiency rate of up to 65%, a tankless water heater boasts a 96% efficiency rate. If your energy bills are getting too high, you should think about what type of water heater can provide high-quality hot water without any of the additional costs.
  4. What Type of Fuel Do You Need? Your choice in fueling can mean all the difference in how much you spend on energy bills. There are several fueling options available including gas, solar, propane, and electricity. Considering what type of water heater fuel would be best for you will prove highly important when you are looking for water heater replacement. For example, if your electric water heater is costing you too much on bills, you may want to consider switching to a gas water heater instead.
  5. What Are Your Hot Water Needs? It’s all about what you want, right? You should consider your hot water needs arguably before anything else. The type of water heater you install should match with the number of occupants and plumbing fixtures in your home. If you live alone, your hot water needs will greatly differ from someone who lives with family and has a wider range of hot water needs to be met.

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