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The tragic story on the news last night is a good reminder for us all about how serious of a job plumbing is. To get the Journeyman plumbing license it takes 4 years as a registered apprentice. After a tough test, you have a license to do plumbing work under the direction of a Master Plumber. On top of that you have to take a 6 hour continuing education class every year. I know that plumbing can seem simple at times, but I promise you the little things that you can’t see make all the difference in the world. There are a few things in this world that you don’t want to short-cut. Plumbing is certainly on that list. It is right up there with your brain surgeon :) .

Speaking of the medical profession, I would be so bold at to suggest that plumbing has saved more lives than modern medicine.

This is a great article by Plumbing And Mechanical regarding the history of some of the incredible Plagues, and communicable diseases that are practically nonexistent due to sanitary plumbing systems.

 No-Plumbing Disease

Officer and a Plumber Saves lives in Afghanistan

Saves lives in Afghanistan Saves lives in Afghanistan Saves lives in Afghanistan Saves lives in Afghanistan

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