How Can You Save Energy on Your Air Conditioning

The outdoor temperatures will soon reach record-highs in the next few months. We totally understand how tempting it can be at this time of year to rely heavily on your air conditioning to keep your home from feeling like a pressure cooker. After all, it’s just a matter of turning on your cooling system and allowing the cool air to flow, right? Well, not quite. While you definitely need to have air conditioning in your home this season, you need make sure you’re getting a steady flow of cool air that strikes the perfect balance between effectiveness and energy efficiency.

Energy efficiency is often something homeowners forget, and leaves them scratching their heads when they look at the unreasonably high cost of their Summer energy bills. “What? How did my air conditioning cost me my entire wallet?” they say in befuddlement. If you want to avoid this rude awakening, allow the team at Radiant Plumbing & Air Conditioning to help you. We don’t want to see our customers having to spend their savings this summer on energy bills. That’s why we’re taking an invested interest in your air conditioning by offering advice on how to keep comfort high and energy consumption to a low.

We’re not exaggerating in the slightest when we say that high costs on energy bills can really sink your summertime fun. Fortunately, here a few energy tips from our team of cooling experts that you can apply in your home:

Turn Down the AC at Night

The summertime heat may be scorching here in Texas, but that’s only during the day. Temperatures outdoors will drop come nightfall, meaning you won’t necessarily have to keep that air conditioning running on high-blast. Instead, turn down your air conditioning by a few degrees. This will give you a steady flow of cool air as you sleep without ever worrying about increased energy efficiency.

Use Fans

Sometimes the best way to save energy is by not using it all. On days where the outdoor temperatures don’t necessarily require the use of air conditioning or if you feel energy consumption is on the high side, turn on a fan. A fan can be just as effective in generating better air circulation that will keep your home comfortable.

Invest in a Portable Unit

Some homes don’t have enough space for central air conditioning. In that case, a portable unit may be the best option for effective and efficient cooling. Not only can portable units be installed anywhere in your home, they are also 50% more efficient than a larger central unit.

Call for Scheduled Maintenance

Possibly the best way to ensure energy-efficient air conditioning this summer is calling a professional for maintenance. You should call a professional for an air conditioning tune-up at least once a year. If you haven’t so already in 2016, this time of year is perfect for calling up a professional at Radiant for service that aims to keep cooling as cost-efficient as possible.

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