Air Conditioning Maintenance in Austin

Air conditioning tune ups that are performed on a regular basis will help with translating to better system functionality. It is important to understand that the reason that tune ups are performed is not unlike the reason for why you should have your car serviced. To break things down, getting a car engine tune up is done to make sure that you do not have any break downs in the future. During the tune up process, a professional will also check for any mechanical issues that may require repair work before they result in major problems, which typically occur when you least expect them to.

The same situation noted above applies for air conditioning tune ups. With that said, it’s extremely important to make sure that your entire unit is professionally cleaned and tuned up on a regular basis, closely following the AC unit’s manufacturer instructions.

What Will Happen if I Do Not Maintain My Air Conditioner?

If you do not stay on top of having your air conditioner regularly serviced, you will eventually be bombarded with costly repair work and could also be putting your entire AC unit at risk.

If maintenance is ignored, many issues may affect your AC system:

• Uncleaned air filters and coils can cause a lack of air flow to be distributed
• Damaged wiring or faulty electrical connections can cause ineffective, intermittent performance.
• You could be dealing with a comprised compressor and clogged condenser, which will negatively affect your entire air conditioning system
• A faulty fan, frozen lines, leaks and deficiency in temperature control are all symptoms that a system has not received routine maintenance

Air Conditioning Maintenance Expectations

When your air conditioning unit is maintained, a Radiant Plumbing technician will thoroughly inspect your entire AC unit, searching for any wear and tear on electrical parts and ducts. The outside condenser unit will also be looked at to ensure that it is breathing as it should. If your air conditioning unit is not breathing properly, this can eventually cause its internal parts to overheat, which in turn, can damage your entire system.

Included below is a list of items that should be performed in every good air conditioning maintenance service:

• Perform testing and calibration of thermostat
• Check refrigerant for proper pressure and levels
• Monitor the air conditioning start-up
• Check safety controls
• Clean and replace all air filters
• Check and clean blower components
• Confirm proper air flow is emitting from vents
• Perform inspection of electric connections and wires
• Perform calculation of volts and amps
• Perform inspection of any moving parts and lubricate, if necessary
• Clean and inspect condensate drain, evaporator coil, and condenser coil
• Compare temperature differences
• Check all circuit breakers
• Perform a visual inspection of outside unit
• Perform testing of capacitor and relays
• Perform inspection of fan belts and blades
• Perform a complete cooling cycle

If you think that it is time for your air conditioning system to be maintained, or can’t remember the last time your AC has been serviced by a professional, call Radiant Plumbing today!

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