Power Outages are Potential Plumbing Nightmares

A power outage spares no appliance from becoming ineffective. Your air conditioning and heating, your lights and electricity, even your plumbing system, will all be rendered useless once the power goes out. Although there’s not much you can do to prevent a blackout, you can take steps to ensure you’re protected during this time. Purchasing a backup generator is always a good idea, but if that’s not in the cards, learning which plumbing appliances will function effectively during a power outage is a great first step in avoiding a plumbing disaster.

What Should I Expect to Stop Working?

Sump Pump: The last thing you want to see is a flood ruining your home. That’s what sump pumps are for! Sump pumps are usually installed in the lowest part of the house to collect and dispose of any unwanted water. Unfortunately, when your home loses power, so does your sump pump. Make sure you’re always protected from a flood by installing a backup battery for your sump pump.

Water Heater: Whether you own a traditional standard storage-tank water heater or an energy-efficient tankless water heater, you will be left without hot water if your appliance is powered by electricity. In fact, even some gas-fueled water heaters will cease to work if they utilize an electric pilot light. Ask your Radiant plumber whether your water heater will be reliable during a power outage in your neighborhood, such as Round Rock, TX, during your hot water heater installation.

Pump Assisted Sewer Systems: Although your septic tank and sewer system do not operate on electricity, the pump that discharges wastewater to the drain field does. What does this mean? All waste will be drained through the sewer pipes into the septic tank, where it will build up as long as the pump that releases the waste into the drain field is without power.

Pump Assisted Toilets: If your sewage system relies on an electric pump to dispose of waste products, flushing the toilet too many times will quickly fill up the septic tank and sewer lines, eventually causing a backup in your home. A sewage backup is extremely unsanitary, so be wary of your plumbing usage during a power outage.

What Should I Expect to Keep Working?

Whether your plumbing issues are related to a blackout or not, Radiant Plumbing is here to help! With 20 years of experience under our belts, our plumbing services available for Austin, TX, residents and beyond, are the best of the best.