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Radiant Plumbing Commercials

You’ve come to the right place my friend. Welcome to the wonderfully weird world of Radiant plumbing commercials. Everything you see before you has been dreamt up and produced by our crack marketing team. Oh, and our on screen talent is entirely in-house as well. That’s right, all those people are plumbers, HVAC technicians, dispatchers, and customer service representatives. Buckle up… down the rabbit hole we go!

At Radiant, we do things a little differently. When it comes to communicating our brand’s identity to our audience, we believe it’s all about balance. By meshing our dedication to 5-star service and professionalism with our quirky and upbeat personality, we’ve hit the sweet spot. At first point of contact, we’re all fun. Our tv commercials and social media posts are playful, wholesome, and as an Austin original of course, weird. A crucial element to our messaging is that we’re self aware. We get that we’re silly and off-beat. We amplify that side of our personality in the content we put out. Radiant plumbing commercials have become a thing of legend. But once you land on our website, you see just how professional and dedicated we are. You could say we’re party in the front, business in the back.

Recently, our tv commercials received the global recognition we always believed they deserved. In March 2023, Radiant’s plumbing commercials were featured on the HBO late-night show, Last Week Tonight. Our eyes were glued to the screen as we sat through a 5 minute segment presented by comedian, producer, writer, satirist, and all round good guy, John Oliver. Not only did he love Radiant’s tv commercials, he also presented us with a challenge. Follow the developing story here.

Our Radio Spots

Hey, we’re on the radio! Check out our featured spots to hear everything from a plumbing version of Ghostbusters to your favorite Queen song with a Radiant twist.

Austin commuters are all too familiar with the soundbites “Oh Brad” or “Just call Radiant” broadcasted on their local radio stations. For years, the real-life husband and wife duo, Brad and Sarah Casebier have garnered a memorable presence in the Austin community for their captivating take on plumbing and HVAC advertising. Anyone that hears the pairing “Brad and Sarah” instantly make the connection to Radiant Plumbing & Air Conditioning.

These days, it’s not just Austinites who enjoy our award-winning service and engage with our content. Our service area is always expanding. In San Antonio, our coverage spans from as far South as Somerset, to as far North as Timberwood Park, and everywhere in between. In recent years, we’ve been able to expand further into New Braunfels and San Marcos. Serving our local communities is our top priority. As Texas continues to grow, so does our service area!

A Glimpse at Our Toilet Window Display Works of Art

Whether it’s a current event or a beloved holiday or just an awesome toilet pun, the San Gabriel window display housed a collection of toilet transformed concepts.

Radiant Plumbing and Air Conditioning found its initial home when we moved into the historic 2908 San Gabriel location in 2007. When owners Brad and Sarah Casebier first laid eyes on the building’s now famous north facing window, they knew they had to put something plumbing related on full display. As luck would have it, there was a toilet handy… and the rest is history.

Visible from the street, our epic toilet window display can be seen doing anything from celebrating beloved holidays to bringing awesome plumbing puns to life. β€œThere was something terribly wrong, and out of place seeing that toilet in the window like that. I decided in that moment that there would always be a toilet in the window,” said Brad. And he wasn’t lying. Still to this day, our window display gets a makeover every few months and makes frequent appearances on our social media pages. Here at Radiant, we love putting a smile on peoples’ faces and playing our part in keeping Austin weird in everything we do.