Why Drain Cleaning in Austin is a Two Man Job

As anyone who has tried and failed can attest, cabling or water jetting a sewer calls for some teamwork. Drain cleaning can be a tricky, involved process that goes much more smoothly and safely if a second set of hands is there to assist. If you hire an amateur outfit to clear your clog and one guy shows up lugging all the equipment himself, chances are you won’t be getting your money’s worth. When hiring a drain cleaning company, always be sure they’ll be sending at least two guys in the truck!


  • Cabling in close quarters such as crawl spaces requires two men to move the equipment around without damaging it or your surroundings. The second man can also help with the feeding and retracting cables while the first technician works the actual cabling machine.
  • A two man drain cleaning team also helps for the protection of our client’s property. Unlike some companies out there, the preservation of your property as we found it is our number one priority. If we have to pull a toilet to cable your sewer line, the second tech can prevent the cable from damaging the interior finishes and furnishes of your home.
  • An extra pair of hands on the job also helps with locating hard-to-find underground drain lines. If one tech is having trouble locating the line, the second can help by moving a camera inside the home so the second can focus on using a locating wand outside to find well-hidden sewer lines.

Radiant Plumbing has a whole team of drain cleaning experts ready to help. Don’t go with an amateur plumbing company—call Radiant today!