Sewer Repair in Austin: When Is It Necessary?

One plumbing job every homeowner and business owner wants taken care of right now is sewer repair in Austin. And that’s only logical, because a broken sewer is not only very unpleasant; it’s also highly unhygienic.

How to Tell If You Need Sewer Repair

One of the problems with diagnosing a broken sewer is that the drains all run beneath floors and underground. However, this doesn’t mean there aren’t any signs your sewer’s damaged:

  • If wastewater is backing up into the toilet or other drains, you’ve got a problem with your sewer.
  • If you smell a foul odor like the stench of rotten eggs coming from your drains, you need repair.

Problems with your sewer can include clogged drains, which can be caused by large objects getting stuck in the pipes, as well as by tree roots that grow into the drain looking for nutrients. At the same time, your sewer drain can be leaking ,which is most often the case when you notice waste water pooling on the ground.

Sewer Repair Options

Sewer repair is something you can’t wait on: it’s so unhygienic that letting it go even a day too long can adversely affect your health. So what are your options for sewer repair?

A trustworthy plumber will always consider non-invasive options first. These include video camera inspection to determine where the problem is, and techniques such as pipe lining or pipe bursting to replace the damaged pipes.

However, in some cases, non-invasive techniques might not be an option. If that’s the case, your plumber will have to excavate your sewer drain to visually detect where the problem is and fix it. Unfortunately, trenching takes longer and is more inconvenient that non-invasive sewer repair, but in some instances it simply can’t be avoided.

Call Radiant for Sewer Repair in Austin

If you need sewer repair in Austin, contact Radiant. Our team of top-rated plumbers are always on standby and even provide 24/7 emergency response. So don’t wait: call Radiant at 512-948-3453 and get your sewer fixed by a professional today!