Radiant Marketing: Behind The Scenes

We’ve been putting ourselves out there for over 20 years and our marketing has been silly, heartwarming, bizarre, and everything in between. Naturally, this has led to widespread speculation and the development of quite a few myths. So we decided to play like myth busters and set the record straight.

Brad & Sarah Are Real

Yup. It’s been over 20 years and we still get this question. Brad and Sarah Casebier are the real-life founders of Radiant Plumbing and Air in Austin. They’re active in the company’s day-to-day operations. And marketing is very much a part of that. For years, the husband and wife duo’s favorite advertising medium was radio, coining classic callback phrases like “Oh, Brad!” and “Just call Radiant!” But as of 2019, they’ve added tv commercials to Radiant’s growing list of diverse marketing channels.

When it comes to creative, they take a hands-on approach by contributing to developing concepts, writing scripts, and of course, playing as themselves behind a mic or in front of the camera. Their quirky sense of humor is strongly felt through our advertisements and they are never afraid to try something new to grab your attention. So next time you hear or see a Radiant commercial that’s especially weird and wonderful, you can bet it was Brad and Sarah’s idea.

We Don’t Use Paid Actors

Want to know who else is real? Every other person you’ve seen in our commercials! From field technicians and office staff, to family members and beloved pets, we put the Radiant family’s stellar acting chops on full display. Actually, there was that one time we brought someone in to play Santa Claus for The Santa Clog but he doesn’t count because we paid him in milk and cookies.

Radiant Plumbing Commercial Shoot
Radiant Commercial: Red Wire / Black Wire (2019)

Starring in our commercials is just one of many reasons why working at Radiant is like no other experience. If you’re in the industry and awesome at what you do, we want to hear from you! Check out our careers page for more information.

Radiant Plumbing Commercial
Radiant Commercial: When Plumbing and A/C Attack, Radiant Fights Back! (2020)

We Produce Commercials In-House

We know it’s hard to believe with all the incredible special effects, seamless transitions, and Oscar-worthy performances. But it’s true. Our in-house cinematographer, Jimmy, takes Brad and Sarah’s crazy ideas and puts them into action — all in under 30 seconds. We made our humble tv debut and broke the fourth wall in spectacular fashion with ‘Running Out of Hot Water? Call Radiant!’ shot in Brad & Sarah’s home. Since then, we’ve tried our hand at creating cinematic epics such as ‘Radiant Flight Deck’ and ‘When Plumbing and A/C Attack, Radiant Fights Back!’ And we even do our own stunts. For our Kung Fu commercial, the Radiant Ninjas strapped on harnesses and were flung through the air as they flew to the rescue. But through it all, we’ve never lost the essence of Radiant in our commercials and we’ve always held on to our DIY roots. And in case you don’t know by now, we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

Radiant Plumbing Commercial Props and Costumes
Radiant Commercial Homemade Props

We’re Still Filming During The Pandemic

Throughout the pandemic that has turned 2020 upside down, Radiant has managed to operate as effectively as ever while still ensuring the safety of our staff members and customers. And we’ve also adapted our procedures when it comes to recording. Through the use of green screens and clever framing, we’re able to record employees one at a time and put it all together in post production. Our marketing manager and owners are also able to get involved by sharing ideas and giving direction remotely through video chat. Our sets are designed to leave plenty of space for the on-screen talent as well as crew members to move around comfortably, avoiding any unnecessary close contact. The effects of COVID-19 have been hard on all of us, and we feel so grateful that we’re still able to produce commercials in these uncertain times. Our latest commercial wrapped up filming in early August and is slated for release in September 2020.

Radiant Plumbing Marketing Team

The Story Behind Our Truck Wraps

We want our fun-loving company values to be on full display in everything we do. And our trucks are no exception. Each company vehicle has a unique design on all sides depicting our technicians in an array of spectacular poses. Most of them have an interesting backstory about the technician in the driver seat. Take our Drain & Sewer Sales Advisor, Marcel, for instance. On any given day, he can be seen rocking a cowboy hat. So naturally when the time came for his photoshoot, he started swinging his drain inspection camera over his head to form a lasso that’s ready for action. This pose sets him up to tame even the wildest of drains, channeling Indiana Jones or The Man With No Name — depends on who you ask.

Radiant Plumbing Truck
Radiant Plumbing ‘Lasso’ Truck Wrap

Our Plumbing Service Manager and avid sports fan, JR, went for an epic slam dunk when his turn came. He even has his own YouTube channel dedicated to reviewing Jordan sneakers called JR’s Sneaker Show. We love giving our employees a platform to express their personalities and some even incorporate their truck wraps in their business cards. Next time you see us on the road, give us a wave!

Radiant Plumbing Truck
Radiant Plumbing ‘Slam Dunk’ Truck Wrap

There you have it! We hope you enjoyed reading our exposé as much as we enjoyed digging through our archives to find interesting facts and behind-the-scenes footage. Behind all the playful shenanigans in our marketing are regular people who enjoy life and take pride in their work. We want our customers to know that when they book with us, they’ll receive 5-star service with a smile, every time.

Find a Satisfying Career in the Trades

Radiant Plumbing & Air Conditioning is a Texas original. We’ve been providing 5-star customer service for over 2 decades, and amusing local residents every step of the way. Our quirky and fun-loving personality on tv and social media is traded in for stellar professionalism when we’re called out to a job. For all your plumbing, A/C, and drain needs, contact us today.

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