Why Is My Showerhead Leaking?

Leaking showerhead in Austin, TX

After taking a shower, you might notice a steady drip, drip, drip from the showerhead. If the dripping continues long after you’ve shut off the water, then there’s no doubt about it — you have a leak on your hands.

No homeowner wants to deal with a leaking showerhead. After all, even the smallest leaks can lead to unwanted spikes in your water bills. But why is your showerhead leaking? There are a few potential culprits, but once you’ve identified the problem, you can learn how to fix a leaky showerhead on your own. Let’s discuss the most common causes of leaky showerheads.

Mineral Deposit Buildup

If you want to figure out why your showerhead is leaking, you’ll want to first check for calcium deposits. Hard water contains various types of minerals, including calcium, that can build up in your showerhead. Once the buildup becomes significant enough that it obstructs the flow of water, the water may start leaking from the showerhead and shower arm in an attempt to find a way out.

Fortunately, removing mineral deposits from a showerhead can be an easy DIY project.

Worn O-Rings and Washers

Rubber washers and O-rings are important components that create a watertight seal between the showerhead and connections. Unfortunately, these parts can become worn or damaged over a long period of time, leading to water leaks.

You can purchase rubber washers and O-rings at your local hardware store to perform a replacement. To do this, you’ll need to shut off the water supply and remove the showerhead.

While worn O-rings and washers are some of the most common causes of leaky showerheads, don’t perform a replacement or repair if you don’t feel comfortable doing so. Instead, contact a reputable plumber – like Radiant! – for plumbing repair services you can trust. 

Damaged or Cracked Cartridges

Some showers have separate handles for hot and cold water. However, it’s common for many showers to have a single handle that controls both water temperatures. If you have a single handle for your hot and cold water, it’s possible that a damaged cartridge is the reason why your showerhead is leaking.

Fortunately, you can learn how to fix a leaky showerhead due to a faulty cartridge. This is because the cartridge inside the valve body is designed to be replaced.

How To Replace the Cartridge

First, you will need to remove the faucet handle and the retaining clip. Use a socket wrench to remove the hex nut that’s helping to keep the cartridge in place. Additionally, you might need a cartridge-puller to fully remove the cartridge. Once the old cartridge is removed, replace it with a new one and put the faucet back together.

Fix Shower Leaks With the Professionals

It’s easy to panic when you notice the first signs of a leaky showerhead. The water these leaks waste can end up costing you greatly on your water bills — and that’s not even mentioning the potential damage they can cause.

There are many common causes of leaky showerheads, from a faulty shower valve to general mineral buildup. Diagnosing the problem can be a tedious process, but it can help you address the problem quickly and accurately.

If you’ve determined why your showerhead is leaking, you may feel ready to fix the problem. However, you also might prefer leaving the job to a professional if you don’t have the tools needed for the job, whether that’s removing the handle or installing a new O-ring.

When you need help fixing a leak, turn to Radiant Plumbing and Air. Our team knows how to fix a leaky showerhead, faucet, and more. Call us today at 833-656-4056 fix your showerheads and leaky faucets today!

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