How to Retrieve Items That Fell Down the Drain

It happens all the time. In an effort to keep some of your most prized possessions safe, you slip the wedding band off and place it on the side of the sink while you do the dishes. Next thing you know, that sucker is circling the drain and all of your attempts at catching it fail. The last thing you see is a little glint as your ring disappears…forever?

No, not forever! Don’t panic if a valuable item falls down the drain. It’s just sitting in your pipes waiting for you to retrieve it. Thankfully, this is a job homeowners can handle by themselves, provided the jewelry hasn’t traveled too far into the plumbing system. If you try and can’t find your lost item, then we’re just a call away! 

As Austin’s trusted emergency plumbers, we’ve seen our fair share of strange items down the drain, from jewelry to toys to coins and more. We’ll make quick work out of finding and reuniting you with your valuables. Just contact us to schedule an appointment!

Tips and Tricks Before You Start

Do You Have the Right Tools? You can’t find your valuables without having the right tools on hand. Start by removing the drain plug and grabbing a pair of pliers. If you’re lucky, your item will be sitting right at the base of the pipe and you can reach it with pliers. Otherwise, better get your wrench ready to remove the P-trap. 

Is Your Item Metallic? You’re in luck if you have a magnet handy. Attach the magnet to a string or other pliable tool, and drop it down the drain. Make sure the magnet is attached securely, so it doesn’t get lost down the drain, too. Gently pull it back up and repeat the process if needed. 

Is Your Item Valuable? Of course, you’re not going to stop searching for your lost item if it is valuable. But if it’s something cheap that can easily be replaced, do you bother looking for it? Well, yes. Yes, you do. Anything that falls down your drain can contribute to clogging if it’s not removed as soon as possible. You don’t want to be stuck paying for expensive repairs, do you?

Dive Into Your Drain – Follow These Steps

Can’t find it in the P-trap? This may be a job for a professional plumber. Contact Radiant Plumbing & Air Conditioning to get in touch with an expert. Our plumbing services are available from Austin to Round Rock and all other nearby areas.