How is Your Dishwasher Working?

Just like most red-blooded Americans, we have chores at my house. A few weeks ago I noticed that the dishes were coming out looking pretty grim. Then began the interrogations, accusations, and supplemental training. Turns out, there was more to the story this time than a lazy teenager doing a halfhearted job. They went, and changed our soap! My friend Dianne Bartlett sent out an email about her discovery of the phosphate ban that has been adopted by a few lucky states. Texas is not one of them, but it seems like the soap companies are making the shift across the board. All the dish soaps labels are looking the same, but they are changing to the new no phosphate blends. As per usual, all the chemicals that work really well are either bad for us, or the environment.

The state of Washington has had a phosphate ban since 2008, and have found a noticeable reduction in phosphates coming into their water treatment facility’s since the ban. The new blends are preforming the worst in areas with hard water. Lucky us! There is more to clean dishes than just the soap. Water quality has a lot to do with your dishwasher, washing machine, and every cleaning product you use. The purer your water, the less soap it takes to remove the grime. If you are having problems getting your dishes clean, are tired of white spots, or just want to improve your water quality, we have the solution. There is a black market for Phosphate laden soaps if that sort of thing is up your ally. If not, give us a call 263-9988, and we can make you dishes sparkle again!


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