Free Furnace Check in Austin

I wanted to let you know a little bit about how your furnace works, and potential issues if you have an older one.

In simple terms, the gas/propane is blown into metal tubes (the heat exchanger) and ignited. This heat exchanger is what is inside your furnace. Your blower re-circulates all the cold air in your home over the heat exchanger, and warms it up.

Due to the damp environment created by air conditioning, huge expansion and contraction because of the intense on-off cycling, the metal can start to corrode, and start to develop holes. Once you have holes in your heat exchanger, you have the exhaust coming straight into your house. This exhaust contains carbon monoxide and is very harmful and even deadly if inhaled. If the damaged heat exchanger gets bad enough you could potentially even have your unit catch on fire.

Typically, furnaces that are less than 7 years old work great. We need to start watching them from 7-10 years old. Once they are over 10, they really need to be watched closely.

Right now, through the end of November, we are offering our customers a free furnace check. Additionally, if your furnace is over 10 years old, we will GIVE YOU A FREE CARBON MONOXIDE DETECTOR. 

Don’t mess around! If you have an older furnace, let us check it out for you and keep you safe.