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Radiant has been repairing and replacing home drains in Texas for more than 25 years. We’re your trusted partner for all your plumbing and sewer system needs. We offer comprehensive sewer line inspections and efficient repairs to keep your sewer system in top shape. Our dedicated team ensures minimal disruption while protecting your property and the environment during all repairs. 

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Radiant Plumbing and Air Conditioning operates across Austin and San Antonio, keeping over 10,000 homeowners happy with home repairs, installations, and maintenance. 

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Drains and Sewers

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between drains and sewers?

Drains are individual pipes within a building, responsible for carrying wastewater from sinks, showers, and appliances to the sewer system, grinder pump or a septic tank, functioning within a single structure. In contrast, sewers are expansive underground systems engineered to collect and transport wastewater from numerous drains, homes, businesses, and industrial facilities within a community. Sewers serve as a communal network, channeling wastewater away from populated areas to treatment facilities or other disposal points, playing a vital role in safeguarding public health and the environment.

Home drain line blockages typically stem from invasive tree roots, the accumulation of grease, non-dissolvable items like wipes, collapsed or deteriorated pipes, mineral deposits constricting passages, improper waste disposal, damaged joints, and bellied sewer lines forming low points for debris buildup. Preventing and addressing sewer line blockages effectively requires regular maintenance, responsible waste disposal practices, and swift problem resolution. Persistent or severe blockages may necessitate the expertise of a professional plumber for a thorough assessment and resolution.

Connecting your house to sewer lines is a complex plumbing undertaking that requires professional expertise and strict adherence to local building codes and safety standards. Attempting this connection independently can result in plumbing complications, violations of regulations, and potential hazards. To ensure a safe and code-compliant connection that minimizes disruption for your family, call Radiant Plumbing and Air for a professional inspection and tailored planning of the work.

In Texas homes, the initial stages of a plumbing system involve laying pipes in trenches before pouring the concrete slab. Given that many homes here in the Lone Star State rest on concrete slabs to mitigate unstable soil, slabs help reduce potential structural issues stemming from ground shifting. While a building permit might not be required for pouring a concrete slab in your neighborhood, compliance with applicable Building Codes, City Codes, and ordinances remains mandatory for work exempt from a permit. It’s crucial to note that covering a sewer line with concrete can complicate future maintenance and repair tasks, potentially resulting in legal and regulatory repercussions. Additionally, once installed, diligent monitoring of the space is essential to promptly detect any potential leaks, with slab leaks being one of the areas where the expert plumbers at Radiant Plumbing and Air excel – give us a call today!

The Radiant Difference

Expertise and Integrity at Work: Home Repairs by Radiant

At Radiant, we set new benchmarks in home care excellence. From your first call to our final follow-up, our expert technicians are committed to ensuring your complete satisfaction and earning your trust with every step.

Decades of Excellent Service

Since 1999, homeowners in Central Texas have relied on Radiant for top-tier plumbing and HVAC solutions. Our longstanding presence in Austin and San Antonio underpins our deep commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Dependable, Flexible Scheduling

Your time is valuable. That's why we offer flexible scheduling options to fit your life, not the other way around. Whether it’s an emergency or routine maintenance, our 24/7 availability ensures that we are always there when you need us.

Transparent Pricing

At Radiant, we believe in solving your problems without pushing unnecessary services. Our transparent pricing and honest service approach are why thousands of customers have trusted us for over two decades, celebrating our integrity in countless reviews.


Trusted Plumbing Partners

Since 1999, we’ve honed our skills, becoming the go-to experts in plumbing and sewer solutions. With a legacy of customer satisfaction, our seasoned team specializes in drain lines, sewer systems, and eco-friendly excavation services. Explore our services below and discover why our experience sets us apart. 

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More Than Just Drains

Central Texas residents have trusted Radiant Plumbing and Air as their full-home service provider for all their maintenance and repair needs. From heating to water quality.

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Drain & Sewer Services

Protect Your Home with Expert Drain and Sewer Services in Austin and San Antonio

Maintaining a functional and efficient home drainage system is crucial for any homeowner. Radiant Plumbing and Air Conditioning has provided drain cleaning and sewer replacement services to homeowners across Austin and the vibrant locale of San Antonio. We ensure that your drains and sewers are in optimal condition can prevent costly repairs and significant inconvenience. Our drain and sewer services encompass a broad range of solutions designed to keep these essential systems running smoothly, from routine maintenance to emergency interventions.

Drains and Sewer Services for Homeowners

Specialized drain and sewer services tailored to Austin & San Antonio homeowner nuances ensure that your home remains protected. Effective maintenance and timely repairs enhance the longevity of plumbing systems, contributing significantly to the overall health and safety of your living environment.

Importance of Regular Drain and Sewer Maintenance

Regular maintenance of drains and sewers is essential in preventing unexpected failures and resultant damage. Accumulation of debris, tree root intrusion, and natural wear and tear can all lead to significant issues if left unaddressed. Routine inspections and cleaning identify and resolve minor problems before they escalate, improving water flow, reducing the risk of clogs, and enhancing overall household plumbing efficiency.

Our Services – Comprehensive Drain Cleaning and Clog Removal

Effective Solutions for Drain Clogs
Drain clogs, often caused by the buildup of grease, hair, soap scum, and other debris, are a common issue for homeowners. Our comprehensive drain cleaning services employ advanced techniques and equipment to remove these blockages effectively. Whether it’s a kitchen sink that drains slowly or a bathroom shower prone to standing water, our professional team ensures your drains are restored to optimal functionality.
State-of-the-Art Sewer Camera Inspection
The sewer camera inspection is one of the most innovative tools in modern plumbing. This non-invasive technique provides a detailed internal view of the sewer lines, identifying potential problems without disruptive digging. Our state-of-the-art cameras detect cracks, blockages, and other issues with pinpoint accuracy, enabling targeted repairs that save time and minimize property damage.
Reliable Sewer Line Repair
When sewer lines are compromised by cracks, corrosion, or root intrusion, swift and reliable repair services are essential. Our experienced technicians handle all types of sewer line repairs, from minor fixes to major overhauls. Using the latest materials and methods, we ensure that repairs are durable and effective, restoring your sewer system to peak performance.

Professional Excavation Services

Efficient Sewer Line Replacement
In cases where sewer lines are beyond repair, complete replacement may be necessary. Our professional sewer line excavation services execute this process efficiently and with minimal disruption to your property. We employ meticulous planning and precision in our excavations, ensuring new sewer lines are installed correctly and with the least amount of inconvenience to homeowners.
Innovative Trenchless Sewer Line Repair
For a less invasive alternative to traditional excavation, trenchless sewer line repair offers an innovative solution. This method repairs or replaces sewer lines without extensive digging, preserving your landscape and reducing overall costs. Our team is proficient in trenchless techniques, providing effective and long-lasting repairs with minimal disruption.

Emergency Drain and Sewer Services

Plumbing emergencies can occur at any time, often with little warning. Whether it’s a severe clog, a burst pipe, or a sewage backup, our emergency drain and sewer services are available around the clock to address urgent issues. We understand the stress and potential damage associated with plumbing emergencies, and our rapid response team is committed to restoring normalcy to your home as quickly as possible.

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Homeowners in Austin and San Antonio rely on efficient drain and sewer services to maintain the integrity and functionality of their plumbing systems. Regular maintenance, advanced diagnostic tools, and professional repair services play a crucial role in preventing and addressing issues promptly. By investing in comprehensive drain and sewer services, you ensure a safe, efficient, and reliable plumbing system that enhances the comfort and value of your home.