Slab Leak Repair in Austin, TX

Hot spots on the floor or cracks in the wall symptoms of slab leak

A slab leak in lay man’s terms is a leak in one of the water lines running below the concrete floor of your home. Any type of leak can be damaging to a home or business, so as soon as you notice it you’ll want to call for assistance.

But what if you are having trouble realizing you have a slab leak? Here are some common symptoms:

  1. Hearing running water when you know all the water fixtures in your home are turned off
  2. Seeing a hot spot on the floor
  3. Seeing cracks in walls or floors
  4. Mildew or excessive moisture under the carpets
  5. High water bills – This is generally an indication you have a leak somewhere, not necessarily under the slab, but it shouldn’t be ruled out.

Leaks are typically a result of the reaction between drinking water and the copper pipes. However, leaks could also result from bad installation, non-reamed pipes, too much soldering flux, or contact with concrete.

If you think you have any type of leak in your home, call Radiant Plumbing today so we can come out and fix it for you.