My New Navien Tankless Water Heater

My wife and I had a new Navien tankless hot water heater installed at our residence on 5/14/09. We had been considering exchanging our old hot water tank for something much more energy efficient for a while now. The new tankless heater has been in use for about two weeks now, and we are more than pleased! It is comforting to know that the heater is not just sitting there, heating up water when it is not needed. In fact, it does absolutely nothing until a demand is put on it.

The other great thing is the tax credit we will receive from the Federal Government for installing an energy efficient appliance! We have 4 adults living in our house, and we have yet to run out of hot water from the heater. It is not uncommon to have both showers in use, and be running the dishwasher and washing machine at the same time. We are going to be tracking energy savings on our gas bill in the coming months, comparing the same months from last year to these next 12 months. Join us as we track our bills online! A couple things to note on these bills. in 2008, we had 3 adults in the house. This year we have 4 adults. We have a significant demand increase, but our bill is 50% less! May 2008, $27.92. May 2009, $15.85 June 2008, $36.88 June 2009, $18.39 July 2008, $30.89 July 2009,$16.18 August 2008, $25.87 August 2009, $18.06 Jack Horner

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