Advanced Air Filtration

I am really excited about what we are doing with air filtration for our customers. Our high efficient filters are not only helping people breathe easier, but make life simpler. They only have to be changed every 6 months! I am a sucker for anything that makes my life easier, and add healthier to that and the choice is really obvious. I don’t have a major allergy problem, but when the molds are high, my sinus are pretty messed up. Dragging a ladder through the house every month to change filters is something that I am not going to miss either. Oh, did I mention that better air filters make your equipment last longer? We can bring the replacement filters with us when we do our spring, and fall tune-up, so you never have to think about filters ever again. Call us today if you want to see some options on advanced air filtration!

I am shooting a couple of pictures today. I’ll post them up once I have them.

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