Water Softener Maintenance

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Water Softener Maintenance

A water softener is a large, and in our opinion, worthwhile investment. As with all appliances, water softeners require professional maintenance from time to time to ensure optimal performance. Given enough time, it becomes vulnerable to an array of issues that require troubleshooting. Routine water softener maintenance not only prevents  wear and tare, it also prevents the prospect of complete breakdowns and prolongs the life span of your system. Protect your appliance and keep the clean water flowing by contacting us for water softening maintenance service today!

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Water softeners are robust appliances built to last. They are not, however, immune to plumbing problems over time. Line blockages, salt bridges, and motor failures are but a few potential water softener issues homeowners run into. Another very common occurrence to be aware of is simply running out of salt. Your water softener runs a regeneration cycle every few days. During this process, the resin beads inside your water softener (which have become saturated with minerals) are subjected to a reverse ion exchange. In short, the beads release their hard mineral ions and latch onto fresh sodium ions before the residue is then drained from the tank. If your water softener runs out of salt, this cycle comes to a screeching halt. Hard water minerals are now free to enter your homes pipes, defeating the purpose of the water softener.

Many problems can hamper your appliance’s ability to perform its regeneration cycle. If you’re in doubt, don’t hesitate to reach out. Or if you prefer to speak with a real life human, call us to get all your questions answered.

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