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Radiant plumbers performing leak detection services in Austin, TX

Your Plumbing Problems Solved

Every day, you depend on your home’s plumbing system to deliver the necessities you need. Whether it be hot water for a relaxing shower or functioning sinks that drain without issue, toilets that run smoothly, and even the quality of drinking water – your plumbing system is something easily taken for granted! Are you in the middle of a plumbing emergency? Don’t worry – Radiant is here to help. Our expert technicians are only one phone call away and can provide quick, reliable service when you need it most. So don’t wait — get in touch with us today!

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Water Heaters

We’ll take care of all your tank and tankless water heater needs.

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Drain Cleaning

Our state-of-the-art drain cleaning technology will restore even flow to your home’s plumbing.

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Leak Detection

We’re on a mission to pinpoint and fix plumbing leaks all over San Antonio.

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Water Softening

Say goodbye to hard water with a water softening filtration system.

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Sewer & Drains

We offer top notch sewer & drain repair service and replacement.

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Emergency Service

We’re on call to provide emergency plumbing service when you need us most.

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Our Technicians Are Ready to Provide Top-Notch Service in San Antonio

From the moment you call, we want to deliver a high-quality service experience! In fact, our team is always ready to serve the San Antonio area. Our service area spans from as far south as Somerset, as far north as Timberwood Park, and everywhere in between. Here’s what you can expect from our technicians in anticipation of your upcoming service visit:

  • Professional plumbing repair
  • Reliable plumbing replacement and installation
  • Expertise in all makes and models of plumbing equipment
  • Timely and professional service calls
  • Licensed and experienced plumbers
  • Same-day service responses
  • Well stocked trucks

At Radiant Plumbers, we are devoted to maximizing your efficiency with every service call. This means that when you entrust us with your plumbing needs, our certified technicians will swiftly diagnose the issue, offer cost-effective solutions tailored for you and perform repairs so your home’s plumbing system is back up and running in no time! Our exemplary customer service guarantees satisfaction from start to finish.

Our Service Area
San Antonio & Beyond

We proudly service the following cities and neighborhoods in San Antonio, TX:

Alamo HeightsCiboloCastle HillsConverseFair Oaks RanchGarden RidgeHill Country VillageHelotesHollywood ParkLeon ValleyLive OakSchertzSelmaTerrell HillsTimberwood ParkUniversal CitySandy OaksNew BraunfelsSan Marcos

5 Star Reviews

Our Record Speaks For Itself

When you conduct an online search, you will notice that Radiant surpasses its competitors in terms of customer reviews and feedback by a considerable extent. This is not coincidental. Our entire team collaborates towards a shared objective of delivering a five-star experience to our customers. Your satisfaction is our topmost priority, and we are dedicated to surpassing your expectations. If you have any reservations, do not hesitate to inquire from others who have utilized our services. We take pride in having thousands of satisfied customers in San Antonio who can verify the quality of our work.

Radiant San Antonio service area
San Antonio, TX
Our Vast Service Area

Over the past few years, we have broadened our service region to encompass various localities in and around San Antonio, TX. Our coverage includes areas ranging from Somerset in the south to Timberwood Park in the north, and everything in between. Furthermore, our plumbing repair specialists can provide assistance to homeowners in Braunfels and San Marcos. Our primary focus is on serving the local communities, and as the state of Texas grows, we continue to expand our service area accordingly.

San Antonio Plumbing & Drains FAQ

Do you provide free quotes or estimates before starting work?

Yes, we provide free estimates on projects in San Antonio and all other service areas. We value transparency and providing our customers with a clear price before any plumbing projects are underway. As a locally owned and operated company, we strive to build relationships with our clients. Contact us today to learn more about our services, and let Radiant take care of your plumbing needs.

What are some common plumbing issues?

Some common plumbing issues for homeowners in San Antonio and elsewhere include clogged drains, low water pressure, leaky faucets, running toilets, blocked or broken pipes, sewer backups, and water heater problems. No matter your issue, a professional plumber from Radiant can ensure your home’s plumbing system is operating properly again in no time.

Why is my water bill so high?

Your water bill may be high for a variety of reasons, including inefficient fixtures and appliances, a leaking pipe or toilet, improper irrigation system maintenance, frequent use of hot water, household size, and more. If you’re experiencing a high water bill and think plumbing issues may be to blame, call us for plumbing services in the Greater San Antonio area. Radiant is here to help 24/7, and will get a plumber on site as soon as possible!