Humidifiers and De-humidifiers

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One of the harsh realities of living in Central Texas when winter comes around is the air getting drier and drier. That’s where a whole house humidifier comes in. As its name suggests, this appliance can be installed directly into your heating system. This allows the humidifier to introduce moisture and humidity in the form of water vapor that can then move through your heating ducts. Performance can be easily monitored and controlled by a thermostat. Outfitting your home with a whole house humidifier comes with abundant benefits and advantages. Still on the fence? Check out our helpful guide and discover how a whole house humidifier can change your life.

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A de-humidifier, as you might have guessed, does the exact opposite. These systems are used during spring and summer, and they allow homeowners to decrease humidity levels in their home. By taking moisture out of the air, homeowners can combat seasonal allergies. This also provides relief from that sticky feeling when humidity levels are high.  If your home’s indoor humidity levels consistently surpass 50%, it’s time to start considering a de-humidifier.

If you’re ready take your indoor air quality to the next level, don’t hesitate to call us for immediate service. We’ll get the job done in no time! Whether you call Austin or San Antonio, TX your home, our ever expanding service area is bound to cover your residence.

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