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Heat Pump Services in Austin

With another winter looming, everyone is scrambling to find ways to stay warm without breaking the bank. At Radiant, our customers are always looking for ways to beat the winter weather and still save money. One of most common answers these days is, of course, heat pumps. For the uninitiated, a heat pump is a type of home heating system that uses a low amount of energy to move heat from a “heat source,” like the ground or air, and into a “heat sink,” like your home. This device takes preexisting heat in the air or ground outside your home and captures it for your personal use.

Benefits of Having a Heat Pump in Austin

Contrary to popular belief, heat pumps can be a highly useful and energy efficient method of indoor temperature management across all climates. When it comes to energy efficiency, you just can’t beat heat pumps. Unlike other combustion based heating systems, heat pumps simply transfer heat rather than burn fuel to create it. In fact, most heat pumps are typically a little greener than a gas burning furnace.

But What Happens When Something Goes Wrong?

Well, that’s natural. They’re an efficient and useful way to heat your home, but like everything else sometimes things just happen. But that’s why we’re here. We fix any problems you might be having with your heat pump, along with installing and servicing them whenever you need. Be on the lookout for some of these common heat pump problems so you know when to call the professionals here at Radiant:

  • If your heat pump is making odd noises
  • The heat pump is not providing sufficient heating, or if your home is getting no heat at all
  • The heat pump will not turn on or off

At Radiant, our job is to immediately repair any problem you’re having in the most cost-effective way possible. Call us anytime!

Our promise

With our always stocked trucks, our trained, respectful, and expert technicians will arrive at your home and complete any job you need with speed and precision. We pride ourselves on having professionals that consistently meet the industry standard in skill, attitude, and workmanship. You can be confident that when you call Radiant you are getting the very best in the business.

About Radiant

I’m Brad, my wife’s name is Sarah, and since 1999, we’ve been serving Austin as the best little plumbing & HVAC company in Texas. We only hire the highest skilled, most reliable, licensed plumbers and air conditioning techs in the business. But we don’t stop there: If Sarah and I wouldn’t want them over to our house for dinner, they don’t work with us at Radiant, period. Not only are our technicians knowledgeable and courteous, but they’re all-around great folks as well, who will go out of their way to make sure that you and your family are comfortable with your plumbing, heating, and air conditioning needs. Solving problems for our customers, doing the job right and standing by all of our work 100% – it’s just what we do.

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