Water Softening in Austin

Here in Texas — and in the Southwest USA in general — several areas tend to have an issue with “hard” water.  What does that mean? You may need water softening services.

Basically, “hardness” in a residential water supply refers to the quality of water having excess mineral content, particularly calcium and magnesium.  Water can become “hard” if it is percolated through mineral deposits in the municipal water lines.  Hard water isn’t necessarily toxic, but it can have an unpleasant taste, smell, and even texture.  When your tap water is “hard,” it tends to strain the piping in your home as well as the machines that are hooked up to your water line — it can also make the water that comes from your sinks and showers just generally unappealing, resulting in Austin homeowners:

  • Hydrating less frequently
  • Experiencing plumbing and appliance issues
  • Having “oily” skin after a shower
  • Finding their soap fails to lather properly
  • Resorting to bottled water

At Radiant, we strongly advocate against relying on bottled water.  Not only does are the price mark-ups absurd (bottled water can cost up to 2000 times as much as what you pay for water on your utility bill!), the environmental impact of all of that non-biodegradable plastic entering our landfills is severe — besides, most bottled water is hardly ever anything but bottled tap anyway!

Instead, consider having a whole-home water softening system installed.  With this single installation, you’ll have better water from all of your faucets immediately and permanently!  And you’ll never need to pay more than your utility bill cost for water.  Having Radiant plumbing install a water treatment system in your home today can give you:

  • Cheaper, cleaner, better tasting water
  • Less strain on your plumbing system
  • A reduced carbon footprint by eliminating bottled water consumption
  • Healthier lifestyle choices for your family

So don’t wait, and don’t keep buying bottled water to avoid drinking hard water from your tap.  Call Radiant today for a consultation, and you’ll be on your way to having fresh, crisp, properly-treated water straight from the tap all year round!