Water Heater Replacement in Austin, TX – New Regulations

Have you heard about the new water heater regulations? We’ve talked about them in a past blog, and you heard Brad and Sarah talk about new regulations on the radio. If you’re an Austin homeowner, we want you to be prepared for the changes!

What are the new water heater regulations?

The state has raised efficiency standards for water heating units. Newer models will need to achieve the same performance while burning less fuel. The newer units are about 2 inches wider and up to 35% more expensive — they are designed with more extensive insulation, ensuring that they don’t lose as much heat.

Now the important question: what do the new regulations mean for you?

Consequences of the Changes for Austinites

If your water heating unit fails between now and April 15th, the new regulations won’t really make any difference in your water heater replacement. You can get a direct switch from the experts at Radiant Plumbing with no problem!

If  your water heater fails after the April 15th deadline, plumbing professionals won’t be able to offer direct replacement. You’ll have to upgrade on the spot! Homeowners who have to upgrade to the higher efficiency model may encounter any and of the following:

  • Higher Installation Costs– Does an upgrade fit your budget right now? The equipment on its own can cost up to 35% more.
  • Resizing Issues– Your attic access was sized for the current model, which means you’ll have to widen in to get a new, higher efficiency storage tank up there. If your current water heater is in a closet, you may even have to take out a wall!
  • No Hot Water During Replacement– You never realize how much you depend on your water heater until you don’t have it! While you’re handling the complications of an upgrade, you’ll have to live without hot water for cooking, cleaning, and showers.

So call the water heater professionals at Radiant Plumbing for water heater replacement today! Avoid the hassle of sudden upgrade and get a high quality direct replacement from our licensed professionals now.