A.O. Smith Presents: “Next Hybrid” Water Heater

A.O. Smith has a new High-efficiency water heater. It’s called “ Next Hybrid ”. We were fortunate to have Danny, and Zach from Morrison Supply run one buy or shop for a look. This water heater fills a gap between the tankless, and the Vertex (High-efficiency gas 98%!). The Vertex has been one of my favorite heaters but I’ve noticed it’s a bit taller than I prefer, making it harder to position. The “Next Hybrid” model is much more compact.

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For the vital statistics…

  • 100,000 BTU
  • 90% efficient
  • First hour gallons, 189
  • 32” deep, 23 2/4” wide, 47, ½ tall
  • PVC venting

Features & Benefits:

  • Condensing technology delivers 90% thermal efficiency —
    more efficient than most tankless or conventional
    storage technology
  • Combines the best features of tankless and
    conventional technologies to create a new
    category in water heating
  • Eliminates “cold water sandwiches”
  • Benefits of tankless at a lower total installed cost

*See the A.O. Smith Site to learn more*

If the “Next Hybrid” looks like it should be your next water heater, give us a call, and we can get you one! Brad Casebier Radiant Plumbing Service Austin, Texas

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