Modern Day Heroes

A special thanks to Colt McCoy, and Foswhitt Whittaker. I am just going to come right out with it.

I am now a Longhorns fan.

Being an Austinite, I know that probably isn’t a big shock to hear, but if you know me, its a pretty big deal. If you were ever to ask me “Did you see the game last night?” You will typically be treated to “No, What sport do they play this time of the year?” Before you stone me, I understand that football is a pretty big deal. It has just been lost on me all these years. Until now. My oldest son Cort has been ridden with an as of yet undiagnosed illness that has had him under the weather for the last three months. It has been a tough deal. He has missed a couple months of school, and just felt terrible. Sarah and I stress about what to do, what doctor to see next. Is it right to send him to school or not… All that is to say we have had a pretty tough fall. On on of the many trips to Dell Children’s we were blessed with the encouragement of a couple pretty cool guys. Colt McCoy and Foswhitt Whittaker. The best part of it was that they really seemed happy to be there. Cort was very excited about the deal, and we arranged our Saturday so we could see the game. Wow, those guys are pretty good. We thought we had better see the next game too. That Shipley kid isn’t too bad either. Yeah, they really are good, and whats this? We didn’t just catch them on a “good day”.  All reports in say these are some quality individuals.

How cool is that? So, I bought an burnt orange hat.

In a world with decaying morals, and a shortage of heroes, here are some guys I can feel good about my son looking up to. Baylor… Not so much So we finally went to a UT football game. I clapped, cheered, whistled, and even shouted at the ref. Kansas limped home, and Colt, and Shipley played their last home game. Man, I just got into this, and hate to see them go. The good news is UT runs a fine program. While its great to be the best team in the nation, sportsmanship, and personal character are the things that made me a proud horns fan this season. Quality starts at the top, Mack Brown must be a pretty good guy too. We later learned that visiting Dell Children’s  Hospital is a Friday ritual for the team. If you look at the links below you can see that we were just one of the many blessed by these guys. Thanks UT football, and Hook Em Horns!

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