Merry Christmas to All!

Another year down! Man they go by fast. I am always reflective during the holidays, and every year I am impressed with how blessed we are. We still live in the best nation on the globe, our family is growing, and healthy, our employees lives are enriched. A year ago I didn’t have much hope that 2009 was going to be a very good year, but we have the best customers in Austin. Our phones continued to ring, and our builders continued to find projects, and here we are. Not quite the “boom town” we all grew so accustom to operating in, but Austin’s market seems to have its own motor. So we find ourselves at the doorway to 2010 with a much more positive outlook than last year. It can be a little scary at times as the “Boss”. There are a lot of families that depend on the phone ringing, and that next new building project. Sarah and I spend a little more time than normal on our knees praying for wisdom. My goal as a business owner has always been to provide the best possible service experience to our customers, provide the absolute best pay, benefits, environment to my employees, and lastly have a good time doing it. Thanks for all your support! God is good. Some of the year highlights. We have a couple new Radiant Babies! Sarah and I have one on the way. Due date is Feb 4th.

Blake’s baby, Eden
baby picture

JR’s baby, Carlos
baby picture

We had a great Christmas pary at the Hulla Hut.
christmas party
christmas party

We had a good time losing the Spicewood demolition derby again. It is for a great cause, and someone has to fund the winners. 🙂 This guys bumper says it all…
demolition derby

Skyler couldn’t even watch.

We always have a great 4th of July party down at City Park. Boiled crawfish, and jet skis. What could be better?

We even had an appearance from some Radiant dogs
dog in background

Only a Radiant Man can hope to pull this off!
radiant man

Sorry to leave you with that disturbing image of Stephen, and Frankie burned in your mind, but it just goes to show what a fun bunch these guys are. Thanks for your friendship, and support over the last years, and on into the future. Merry Christmas to you all, and may your new year be truly blessed! Brad Casebier Radiant Plumbing Service

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