Introducing Toilet Karts, the Next Addition to our Toilet Vehicle Lineup

When we first started designing the Toilet Wakeboard that’s been featured recently, we couldn’t help but brainstorm other ways of fashioning a toilet to various means and devices of mobility. Our newest creation dubbed the “Toilet Kart,” will take toilet-related sports to an entirely new level.

Whether it’s gliding on the waves as a functioning wakeboard, or it’s cruising on the pavement as a fully-controllable Toilet Kart, we like how a toilet in motion makes us feel, and we’re not ashamed to admit it.

It takes a healthy mix of creative intuition, eclectic Austin, Texas influence, and rigorous potty training to come up with an idea as awesome as Toilet Karts, but the engineering prowess of our technicians will be the envy of the entire toilet sport industry once they check out our Toilet Kart!

Watch our documentary and experience the ingenuity of Radiant Plumbing, the leading provider of HVAC service in Lakeway, TX, with the introduction of the Toilet Kart!


If you couldn’t already tell, we like to have a good time around here. Radiant Plumbing & Air Conditioning is known to provide premier HVAC service in Round Rock, TX, and the greater Austin area. Beyond amazing toilet-related creations, we specialize in a variety of HVAC services to keep your home safe and comfortable.

As we get into the cold season, we like to remind our customers and readers of the importance of an annual furnace or heating system inspection. It’s recommended to have this inspection performed professionally at least once every fall season. The importance of having it done in the fall is to remedy any problems with the heating system before it is in constant use during the colder months in the winter. This saves you the hassle and worry of waiting around in the cold for a heating pump repair.

We hope you enjoyed our foray into toilet racing and we encourage you to explore our website to see how Radiant Plumbing delivers the most innovative and effective solutions in the HVAC industry.

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