Foam Home Update



This is a progress report on the foam-concrete home we are doing the plumbing in. This is the rough surface, and it is to be finished with a stucco type product that can be shaped like stone, tile, or whatever your imagination can dream up. We have had a ball getting the plumbing into the walls. All the PEX pipe is run through conduits. The idea being that 100 years from now the pipes can be replaced without cutting the house in half.  My plumbers tell me that this is the coolest job that we are currently plumbing in Austin. (Cool as in not as hot. I think they will find it a lot cooler (Jay-Z cool) when all the pipe is in.) The foam and concrete make a big difference in keeping the blazing Austin sun from melting them down. If it is already helping with the heat, it should really save on the energy costs down the road.

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