Ferguson’s New Showroom

Ferguson’s new showroom! Well, spending our plumbing bucks just got a lot easier. Ferguson’s is soon to open their new 25,500 sq foot showroom(Think Cabelas of construction). This is one of the largest in the country, and certainly the largest in Texas. Besides plumbing fixtures, they now sport lighting, cabinet hardware, windows, doors, and appliances. Crystal Wagner is the manager there. I believe that she has had her hands full down there with all the changes. But the finished product is finally here, and it is time to reap the benefits. From my standpoint, this is a great service to my customers to have access to all the options that there are. That way, we are more likely to be installing a truly custom product.

These are a couple of long time friends Crystal, and Cheryl. The two shorties are Bonnie, and Cort. Yeah, They are mine. I kinda like em. I have one more that was not there. Merry was off at a school function. Go give it a visit. I think you will be impressed. I know I can’t wait. Radiant Plumbing Service Austin, Texas We are Austin’s Plumber

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